Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


5. The Jacket

I run into my room when I get home. Lots of my things are unpacked. My mom must’ve done that while I was at Harry’s.

            I sit down on my bed that is now set up and in the far corner of my room. I think about what just happened. Harry kissed me. Harry made out with me. Harry Styles actually talked to me. Harry Styles. The Harry Styles. The Harry Styles that is famous. The Harry Styles that can make a girl fall for him with just a smile, the one that has a voice that sounds like angles flying in heaven. And I live next door to him.

            This makes me smile. And laugh. All I know is that I want to see him again. But I didn’t get his number. And I left my jacket at his house. I’ll just use that as an excuse to see him again.

            I am about to walk out the door when my mom stops me.

            “Where do you think you are going now?” she says. I think I should start being nice to her now because she put me in a house next to Harry Styles.

            “To get my jacket. Be back in a bit.” I say and leave before she can respond or object.


            When I get to Harry’s house I knock on his door. He answers with a huge smile on his face.

            “What brings you here?” he asks.

            “I forgot my jacket. And… I… need your phone number.” I wanted to tell him that in just five minutes I missed him more than anything but that would be weird.

            “Come inside and I will give you both of those.” He says and moves out of the way to make a clear path for me to walk through.

            “Your jacket is on the small table next to the fireplace in the dining room.” Harry says. I’m not sure why he put it there but I smile and go to get it. When I enter the dining room the gas fireplace is turned on.

            “Why is that turned on?” I ask him.

            “I was cold.”

            “It’s almost June.” I say with my eyebrow raised.

            “I wanted your jacket to be warm.” He covers up his lie.

            I smile and chuckle and grab my jacket. But he was right. It was warm.

            “Before I give you my number,” he stops talking and kisses me. When he releases I smile and bite my lip.

            We trade off phones and put our numbers in each of them. Then we exchange back and there is a moment of awkward silence.

            “I’ll see you… tomorrow?” I say, finding a way to get out of the awkwardness.

            “Yes. Please, don’t hesitate to come visit.” He says with a smile. His smile is so perfect and adorable. It lights up a room better than the sun.

            “Bye.” I say then kiss him on the lips. I walk out the door and Harry watches me walk home out his window. I try to resist the temptation to look back. Then I get a text. I check my phone and it is from Harry. I open it and I read it. It says “Nice ass.”

            I laugh and turn back, and I kiss my hand and I blow it off my hand like I’m sending him the kiss. He pretends to catch it and places it on his cheek.

            I don’t want to admit it but, I think I’m falling in love.

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