Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


2. New City, New Home, New Life

                *2 months later*

                I walked around my now empty room. I flashed back to where my bed used to be in the corner, where I had a poster of One Direction on my closet door on the wall left of my door. Where I had my desk with all of my make-up and laptop in the opposite corner of where my bed was. And I could now see the ugly cat barf stain on my carpet that I hid under a rug that didn’t match the colors of my room at all. It was all there in my memory, never to be in real life again.

                “Jenna! Come on we have to get to the airport NOW!!!!!!” my mom screamed at me from the bottom steps. I took one last glance at the empty room and picked up my purse and walked downstairs.

                *24 hours later*

                “Gah! I’m never riding in a plane again!” I complained as my mom and I walked up the drive way of our new house in London. It was bigger than ours in Florida, but didn’t seem as nice.

                “Then how are you going to get back home?” my mother asked.

                “I’ll swim.” I said with a sarcastic, grouchy tone.

                I walked into the house. It started out with the door that had a small room where there was a coat closet, and coat hangers. Obviously an area to put your shoes and jacket when you first walk in. Then it split into two ways. There were stairs that led to the basement, and stairs that led upstairs to the main level where the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc. are. I walked upstairs first. It was mostly carpeted, besides the kitchen and dining room. The carpet was a weird feel on your feet. It felt like you were walking on sand, with each piece of it going in between your toes. I hated it. The kitchen was small, it had white countertops and white floors and white appliances and white walls with white cupboards. It was horrible, and blinding. Then to the left was the hallways which led to the bedrooms and bathrooms. There was one big bathroom and a bathroom connected to the master bedroom. My mom let me have that one. The room was big, but the walls were a horrible color of pink, sort of like salmon. I would paint over that.

                Then I wandered to the basement, which was small. It had two rooms. One which was occupied by the washer and drier and the other for whatever you pleased to do with it. I think the owners before us was in the process of making a bathroom down there because there is a small area with pipes sticking out all over the place.

                My mom came down and stood beside me and I looked around the room. “What do you think?” she said. I hadn’t had an opinion yet, and whether I liked it or not I was stuck with it for two years.

                “I’m going to go look at the backyard.” I said and walked away. As I was going up the steps I heard my mom sigh in frustration.

                Once in the backyard I managed to smile. It was big and green. It was lined with bushes and flowers. I walked around the edge of the yard, barefoot. The grass was thick and soft, green like the way you would see it in a drawing.

 In the yard to the right of me, there was someone talking to someone else. I couldn’t tell who it was or who they were talking to, one man’s back was faced me and the other man was facing the first guy. They had a pool in their yard though. And their house was way bigger than mine.

 I walked to the other side of the yard closest to them to get a better listen. I still couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying but the 2nd man laughed a bit. The 1st guy was a brunette with curly hair. I think the 2nd one was blonde but I couldn’t see very well. Then the 2nd man walks in the sliding door to the house, and I could see that he was definitely blonde but I couldn’t see his face at all. Then the 1st guy took off his shirt and pants. He was left completely in his boxers. He had sunglasses on but he didn’t take those off. He had tattoos mostly on his torso. But then I realized it. Brown curls, tattoos, his sunglasses, HE WAS HARRY STYLES. I WAS LIVING NEXT TO HARRY FREAKING STYLES. AND HE WAS STANDING THERE IN HIS BOXERS AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW I’M HERE.

Harry climbed down the ladder into the pool. I’m guessing it was a heated pool because it was very cold outside to be going swimming. He turned around for the first time in my direction. I wasn’t expecting it and I quickly ducked so he wouldn’t know I was spying on him.

                “Hello?” Harry called out in my direction.

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