Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


1. Stolen

Jasmines POV: i was walking down the street from work at the bar. So i started walking when a red rover pulled up and some one grabed me. when we got in the car i saw who he was. It was Harry from the bar, i remember talking to him about crashing his car into the wall. "Where are we going?" i asked. "Shut up"! he yelled at me. Harrys POV: i feel bad about taking her but i had to. Just shut up harry talking to myself. "Jasmine when we get to my cabin u have to be quite ok?" "Ok" jasmine said.Jasmines POV: We arrvied and he told me to take a shower while he gets my clothes at my house.

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