Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


3. Ready

Harrys POV: I shake her and tell her to get up. "what!!!" she screams at me tiredly. "We have to go to the store to get somethings ok." i say at her. she gets up a lil drozy but i still wait for her in the car. When she got in the car she asked why she had to come. I gave her a not that says why she have to come and her face went pale. "How would u do this to me!!!!!" she screamed in terror. "I didnt mean to i was drunk so i had to bet somithing.  I had to bet Jasmines virginity to Niall because we betted and now he is looking for her trying to get his "Prize". Jasmines POV: i thought to my self, he betted me when he didnt even know me.. When we got to the hotel i waited for him to check us in and we got comfy in the hotel. I saw there was only one bed so i asked "Where do i sleep?". He said with him. I stared at him as he changed clothes. "Well arnt u going to change we are not leaving till tomarro when we go shopping for clothes". "Yea" i said and went in the bathroom but he ran infront of me and ran in the bath room and stuck his toung out at me. I blushed but then yelled when room service came in and i felt emberssed. "Madum here is your lunch" the waiter said. "Thanks" and he walked out the room."Harry!!! I need to change and pee!!!"i yelled at him threw the door. Harrys POV: I laught at her and walk out the bathroom but i splash water on the fllor so she would complain. "Harry!!! U are distuging" She yells at me and i laugh. She comes out and tells me to get out so she can change."why not change in front of me?" i ask her. She just laughs and starts to change, when she takes off her clothes she looks so sexy... i walk over to her and kisses her right below her ear lobe. Then she slaps me. "Not now or ever im still mad at u" she says. So i laughed and turned on the tv and watched loonie toons.

Authors note/ sorry i didnt update lately ive been busy hey guys message me your name and what u look like and ill pair u guys up with one of harrys boys (Zayn, NIall, Liam, Louis) ok ty!!!

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