Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


5. No i Cant

Harrys Pov: when I kissed her i dont know what happend she is just so innocent and small. But i cant do this to her so ill leave her alone.. I pull my lips froms jasmines and look at her little breathless body. "Im sorry jasmine i ju-" i was cut of by her kissing me back and holding my back. I Tickled her to get her off of me and i told her. "I cant be with u because ill end up leaving im not that perfect o--" i was cut off again by jasmine. :Its ok hazza i love u for u and i know you coukd be anyones love but your my best friends" She said to me. Then All my boys came in staring at us. Ughh i forgot they wanted to see me. Jasmines Pov: The boys lookedkinda surprized at me. "Wht u asses looking at aye?" i sayed smartly. "Im just looking at a beautiful girl." the one with blond hair niall. i blushed then harry told the lads that she wont tallorate that staring thing. So I got dressed and we went out to eat. But then some one took me once we got to the restaruant and the boys didnt even know it till screamed.
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