Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


2. Mistake

Jasmines POV: I striped down and went into the shower. Once i was done he wasn't back yet so i took my bra one of his v-neck tops and his boxers and put them on. went down stairs and waited for him. He came back looking mad at me. Harrys POV: I staired at her, she was beautiful in my clothes but i had to ask. "Why are u in my clothes!" i yelled calmly. "I-i i didnt have any clothes so i put on your stuff".  "Ok i understand but go change into your stuff ok?" I said. She ran up stairs and changed.Jasmines POV:I huried up and changed. Harry came up stairs, i didnt know this was his room. "Can u get out of my room please" he asked me nicley. i walked to the room he showed me it was warm and pretty like he made it for me. i finished changing and went in his room where he was fast asleep. Harrys POV: i heard her walk into my room. She got in my bed and fell asleep i didnt care so i let her.

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