Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


11. good girl to bad girl change?

Harrys pov: I saw her sleeping so i didn't mess with her..As i walk up stairs i herd sloppy steps behind me and is was jaz, she was following me dying to say something but sleep over took her and she fell asleep on the stairs. I picked her up and put her in the bed with me.


Harrys Pov: I woke up and saw jazz in the bathroom doing her makeup. "Where u going?" i ask her as i get up and walk to her. "Im going with danielle , perri, and el to the mall so i get to know them better." she tells me with a mascara brush in her mouth. i nod in aproovement and help her pick out her clothes.

Jasmines Pov: As harry finds me skinny jeans with rips in it and  a shirt that says (Call the po po hoe) from madea. I laugh and i put it on in the bathroom… Once i get my shirt on i hear the car doors and rush down the stairs and tell harry ill be fine. "Hey gurlz" i say and they say hi back. Once we get into the mall i ask which store to go to. Before they answer i am being pulled into a tattoo shop. "Mark!!! Het your fat ass over here now!!" they both scream and i flinch. A fat man comes in with a lot of tattoos and pircings . "Jazz here is getting her first tattoo so this is what she wants." dani say before i say anything. They point out a tattoo that is i picture that says (Bad girl on the inside and out). I tell them i want it on my arm and he and the girls agree. I sat in a chair and he covers my arm with this stuff and starts to pull the needle on to my arm and i flinch in pain.


After that they took me to a hair dresser. "Mary can u please come out here we have a new one" as a girl with light pink and blonde hair come out and the girls are nicer to her than mark. "Yes she wants her hair dyed at the end with red and the rest all cold black" and we all agree. She takes me to a chair and gets the hair dye from the back and and the girls take pictures. After i got my hair done they bought me clothes that i don't wear because they look all punk but i like it. At home i come home with my hair dyed tattoos and new clothes i wonder what harry will say. I knock at the door and harry comes out with a stunned look. "Jazz what happened …" is all he could say and he looks   at dani and perri with a dead look.

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