My life...

There was a girl named Regina she loves dance it is her life but until she met Harry... every thing changed Harry was busy with his life and Harry wanted to spend time with Regina but Regina spent time doing Dance cause that was her life thing to do in her time Harry got angry at her and something went wrong with her back she hurt it bad Harry started to get worried... Read to find out!


2. Dance Practice

Regina's Pov...So today was Dance Practice so i drove there and when i walk on the sidewalk i saw this cute guy he had brown hair and green eyes he walk up with this one little girl she had dirty blonde hair she looked like 6 years old to me she was cute well i walked in to Dance and the Dance teacher Ally tought the class and i saw my best friend Amber we were bestest friends we were the two who was the best dancers there so are new song we were going to do was this song called "Story of my life" i thought that was a good song so we started streching then we did some gymnastics ran around and so practice was then over and when practice was going on i saw that guy watch me sometimes i then bumped into him i said i am sorry he said it's okay i said to the little girl in his arms i said to he now who are you little cutey the guy said her name is Lux and my name is Harry i said nice to meet you two Harry said whats your name i said Regina he said thats a pretty name i said thanks he then said would you like to hang out sometime i said sure i then said see you next week for practice he said you too i then walked out the Dance studio and drove my car home and took a good sleep.                                                                                                                                Thanks for reading my chapter and i would like to get some favors thanks ~Whipcream girl aka Hannah ∞

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