Imagines :)

I will write any little imagines you want about One Direction, The Vamps, or just any boys in general:) Sorry about the picture, I couldn't find any that we're small enough to fit all of them:(


4. Amber-Harry Styles

"I'm so happy that you took time off to come see me Harry!" I exclaimed while giving my long time freind a big hug. He's been away lot's since becoming part of the biggest boy band on the planet.

"Yeah well, I get some time off and I've missed hanging out with you Amber!" His voice is muffled because his head is buried in my hair. He hugs me tighter. It feels so nice to be held by someone familiar. 

"You're staying for Christmas right?" I ask him, trying to remember if he's leaving before Christmas day, or after. 

"Of coarse! I wouldn't miss making ginger bread houses with you for the world" He pulls away slightly, looking into my eyes. "I really missed you" He says quietly, eyes travelling down to my lips. 

"Harry dear!" My mums voice calls out from the front door of our house, interrupting us. She travels down the steps and across the lawn to where we stand in the driveway. Harry lets me go, turning to hug my mum.

"It's been quite a long time hasn't it?"  She asks, smiling and looking cheerful. "Look how much you've grown!" She exclaims and I shoot her a 'you're embarrassing me' look. Thankful she takes the hint and walks back into the house. Harry turns his attention back to me.

"I have to go stop by my mum's mums house to bring her over for dinner at yours" He tells me, nodding towards his car.

"Do you want me to come?" I ask him, playing with the ends of my hair.

"Nah it's okay. I'll be back shortly" Then he gives me a quick hug and I wave him off, disappointed that he didn't want me to join him.

An few hours after Harry came back, we had all finished eating dinner and I invited Harry up to my room. 

"So how do you like being famous?" I ask him, plopping down on my bed and staring up at the photos on my ceiling. 

"It's alright I guess. I get the most attention out of everyone, so it's hard to do the things I used to do" The bed dips down with his weight, and he lays back beside me.

"Like what?" I say, turning my head to look at his.

"Like going to the mall, or out to eat. I hate being mobbed, it's scary" He confesses, and in this moment I see the Harry he used to be. Not the 'womanizer' the media portrays him to be, but the boy who worked in a small bakery and never got the girl. He's vulnerable and bold at the same time, making my head spin just thinking about him. He's the boy that I've always loved, and he'll never know how he's stolen my heart.

"Well all you gotta do is imagine a person you love is waiting for you on the other side, and the only way to get to them is through the crowds. It's easy" I say, and he turns his head to look at me. 

"I'll remember that for next time" He says almost silently, his green eyes flitting all around my face.

"Harry honey, we're leaving!" A voice calls from downstairs, and I shut my eyes and groan at yet another interruption. 

"See ya tomorrow love" He says before leaving my room. As soon as he's gone I talk a pillow and scream into it. Does that boy know what he does to me?

After a week of Christmas filled activities, the day I've been waiting for all year round has finally come. Christmas Eve. Our family throws a huge party at our house for everyone we know, and Harry is always there. I helped my mum all day putting up decorations and setting out the food and drinks. When she says I'm free to go after everything is done, I race upstairs and into the shower.

When I'm done all the primping on my face, I curl my hair and put on a black velvet dress that falls just above my knees. The doorbell goes off non-stop for a few minutes as everyone is arriving. I can hear the chatter and laughter coming from down stairs, and the music wafers throughout the whole house. I give myself the once over in the mirror before someone knocks on my bedroom door. 

"Amber?" Harry's raspy voice calls my name

"Yeah, I'll be down in a second" I call back at him, fixing my lipstick and pinning back some hair. When I come out my my room, the hallway is empty so I head for the stairs. I can see Harry waiting at the bottom of them, looking around. When his eyes catch me coming down, they light up and a huge grin breaks out on his face. 

"Wow, you look beautiful" He breathes as I reach the bottom.

"Thanks Harry, you look good too" I blush, looking at his nice suit jacket and tie over some dark jeans. 

"Shall we get some cake?" He asks, holding out his arm and leading me towards the food table. After we get our cake, we mingle around with the other people, but most of them are far more interested in Harry than me. Eventually I leave him to stand in the doorway of the living room and sway to the music. One of my neighbors comes over to talk to me. We have some of the same classes at school, and I know he has a crush on me.

"Hey Amber, you look great" He winks at me smiles, standing next to me. 

"Thanks James" I reply, glancing across the room at Harry making a whole group of people laugh with one of his stories.

"Look at that clown. Thinks he's all that" James nods towards Harry and then shakes his head, taking a sip of his drink. I don't disagree with him, but I don't agree either. Harry's been ignoring me for most of the night now, and I thought he'd want to spend time with me. A few moments of silence falls between us before James speaks up again.

"But seriously Amber, you look stunning. I just wish we had more classes together" He says, taking a step towards me. I can smell his cologne now, and I inch back slowly. My eyes find Harry across the room, and a look of jealousy crosses his face quickly before he's walking towards me. 

"Lay off her, she's mine" Harry says, pushing James back and wrapping an arm around my waist. James puts his hands up in surrender. He's not one to pick fights, so he just backs away and disappears into the groups of people around us. 

"Sorry for leaving you" Harry says, dropping his arm from my waist. I look down, disappointed that he moved his arm. 

"Doesn't matter. Thanks for pretending" I choke out, my thoughts getting tangled in everything that's happening. 

"I don't want to pretend though" He looks into my eyes and my breath hitches in my chest. 

"What do you mean Harry?" I ask quietly.

"I mean, I didn't realize how much I like you till I saw someone else hitting on you" He says, matching my tone and coming closer. 

"You like me?" I ask, allowing his arms to return to my waist. He nods in response.

"And I was hoping tonight I could finally tell you" He says

"Tell me what?" I inquire, smiling and looking down at his lips. 

"That you've stolen my heart" He replies

"You stole mine first Harry" I tell him, and then decide to seal the deal. "Look up" 

He looks up above us, smiling when he sees the rich green mistel toe hanging above us. When he looks back at me, he wets his lips and leans in, backing me up against the door frame in front of everyone. When his lips finally land on mine, I hear a collective 'aww' from the people watching, and the whole zoo erupts in my stomach. My hands somehow find their way to his hair, getting all tangled in his soft curls. When we break apart, his eyes are gleaming and I can't stop myself from smiling.

"Bout time too" One of the neighbors says, making the whole room laugh and continue with the party, except Harry. His eyes never leave mine the rest of the night, and I couldn't be happier about it.

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