Niall's Country Girl

A girl and her best friend from a small town in Indiana go to Louisville Kentucky go for a 1D concert.


3. The Meeting

Niall’s POV

                The show was almost over and we were on out last song of the night What Makes You Beautiful. I have noticed Harry has been looking at a girl in the crowd well so have I but they are different girls. The girl I have been looking at has the biggest and prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen. The girl Harry has been looking at has hazel eyes.  When we were singing Kiss You I caught her eye and she blushed then looked away and talked to Harry’s girl. Man I got to know her. When the show was over I asked Paul to bring her and her friend backstage so Harry and I could talk to them, he said okay then went to get them.

                When he brought them back, Harry’s girl seemed so excited probably because she gets to meet Harry but the girl with the brown eyes looked so calm. When she saw me she looked away and blushed again I love it when she does that. I walked up to her and asked for her name.

Me: Hey I’m Niall what is your name?
Britt: Hi my name is Brittany
Me: Well Brittany what a beautiful name for a beautiful name.
Brittany: Thanks Niall
Me: so did you like the show?
Brittany: Ya it was really good.

When she talked I could tell she has a little bit of a southern accent.

Me: So Brittany where are you from? I can tell you have a bit of a southern accent.
Brittany: Oh I get that a lot but I’m from the southern part of Indiana.
Me: Oh I have never been to Indiana what is it like there?
Brittany: I have lived there all my life and it nice I love it. In the part I live in it is mostly country towns.
Me: So do you listen to a lot of country music then?
Brittany: Ya it is like the only thing I listen to besides your guys music.

Paul: Okay boys we have to get going you have an interview.

Me: Okay well looks like I have to go so can I have your number so we can talk more?
Brittany: Ya sure here 812-369-4528 (I just made up the number).  Bye Niall text me when you can

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