Niall's Country Girl

A girl and her best friend from a small town in Indiana go to Louisville Kentucky go for a 1D concert.


2. The Concert

                When I woke up it was 6 in the morning. (I am an early riser) So I decided to get on twitter to wait for Bailey to wake up. When I logged on I saw I had more followers so I followed some back. When I was done with that I decided to take a shower then wake Bai up so we could get so breakfast then go shopping to pass time before the concert. So I took my iPod into the bathroom and plugged it into my speakers, the first song to play was Let it Rain by David Nail. (If u don’t listen to country music u might not know this song).

                When I was done and Bai was awake then we got ready to go.

Bai: Hey where do you want to get breakfast?
Me: McDonalds?
Bai: Okay then we can get a fast start to shopping.

Bai’s POV
When we were done with breakfast we went looking around the shops.
Me:Where do you want to go first?
Britt: Areopostale?
Me: I knew you were gonna say that
Britt: Of course you know it’s my favorite place to shop.
Me: Okay we can go but then we are going to Claire’s okay?
Britt: Fine with me

We went shopping until about five in the afternoon then we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for the concert. When we got back to the hotel I jumped into the shower since I did not get one this morning, when I got out Brittany was trying to decide on something to wear.
Me: are you going to wear a 1D shirt?
Britt: No are you?
Me: Yes.
I had picked out a 1D shirt and a pair of light washed jean shorts and my converse while Brittany had on a pair of dark washed jean shorts with a tank top and her pink and black converse. I guess she wanted to go kind of girly this time.

Britt’s POV
It was about time to go to the concert and Bai and I are waiting in our seats waiting. We have front row seats right in the middle. I was talking to Bai when the lights starting to dim down and the Take Me Home video was being shown on the screen, when it was over we started to get pumped and the announcer introduced the boys and they came up from under the stage. We all screamed and the music to Kiss You started to play. When it got to Niall’s part I was really excited when I looked at him he was already looking at me. Then Bai looked at me and said
Bai: Britt did you see Niall looking at you?
Me: No I don’t think he was looking at me
Bai: Whatever.

The concert went on.

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