The Love Triangle

There is 3 people all in there junior year in high school. Katy and Louis are best friends. But there is another person named Harry that may ruin a relationship.


1. The Beginning

             Katy's POV

           I am having to get ready fast because Louis is on his way to pick me up for the first day of my junior year. Louis is my boyfriend and we have been dating since the beginning of the summer. I am so excited to actually have a boyfriend this year. I just hope Louis doesn't bring harry(Harry and Louis are best friends). Harry seems to always make Louis act well strange.

          Ding Dong. I jump off my couch to answer the door for Louis. My mood saddens when I see Harry on the other side of the door.

    "Hey there" Harry says.

    "oh hi" I say sounding a little bit more sad than I meant to sound.

    "Not happy to see me? Haha well I guess your stuck with me till we get to school."

     "ugh". I walk around him and get in the passenger seat and kiss Louis for longer than I thought I would just to make Harry mad. I look back at Harry and he is giving me an evil eye and I smirk at him. "Hey Kate how was your night" Louis asks.

    " Great" I say. The rest of the ride was silent. When I got inside I went to my locker to find my friends Allie and Megan. Allie automatically says, "Way to ditch walking with us instead you rode with stupid Louis and Harry."

     " Well Im happy you have a boyfriend and I think you should spend time with him but you are lucky you get to hang out with Harry" Megan said cheering me up a little from Allies comment. "Thanks Megan, but driving with Harry isn't as fun as you would think." I say.

    "Well I like him so none of you take him. He's mine" She says protectively.

      "No problem" Allie and I say almost  at the same time.

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