My secret relationship with Harry

In this series of fan fiction I am dating Harry styles but then... Sorry read to find what happends!


7. The Note

Harry's pov

The note said "If you want your girlfriend back bring $10,000 to your old house in England. You have until the end of the week to come and bring the money, or else say goodbye to your pretty pretty girlfriend." After I read that I went to the bank and got out $10,000 and arranged a private jet to go to England. As I was flying there I asked the pilot to go faster and he did. When I landed and got to the old house I got it and found rianne tied in a chair knocked out with bumps and bruises and a little blood on her. I left the money down on the floor and ran to rianne, untied her, and got out. When I went back in the house the money was gone and me and rianne went back home.

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