The Lost Founder (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

Ivy Draggen is an average eleven year old female prankster from Dumstrang Orphanage. But when she and her peers go on a field trip to Hogwarts, she finds out she is a witch. But after a couple weeks there, she finds she is special, even for a witch. Is there more to her than being a witch?


3. Chapter 2

When we got there, Everybody was gossiping and screaming and laughing at the "freaks". 

Then some old woman wearing black robes, what appeared to be a witches hat, and tons of wrinkles called out to us, "Students of the Dumstrang Orphanage come forth! I am Professor  McGonagall, welcome to Hogwarts! Now a single file line and inside the Great Hall, now!" Wow, harsh. 

All the people gasped when they saw the Great Hall, with its four long tables and all the food piled up on it, not to mention they noticed all the food kept magically reappearing when someone ate the last of it. Honestly, I wasn't surprised, and for some weird reason I kept picturing FIVE tables instead of four. I wonder why?

McGonagall strolled to the front and took out a silver spoon and banged it against her glass. "Attention! Students of Hogwarts! Today we have the students of Dumstrang Orphanage here at Hogwarts! Now, we will be- WHAT NOW MALFROY!?" 

A guy with blonde, sleek hair stood up. "Why are we letting these MUGGLES into OUR school?!" That made all the other people sitting at the table he was in whoop and holler, "Yeah!" "Screw you muggles!" and "Scorpius is right!" 

McGonagall banged her spoon again. "Silence!" she bellowed. She drew out a weird looking stick and waved it, causing a big pot full of little paper slips appear out of nowhere. "Now, NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS! Now, I'm going to call out a name and draw out a slip from this cauldron. The name I call out and the Hogwarts student I say will be paired up, and each pair will exchange their ways of life. If you have any objections," she glared at Scorpius and his friends "If you have any objections, this is essential to your grade in Hogwarts. And same to you students from Dumstrang, this is essential to you too."

Suddenly, I heard Jon shout out, "We don't want to be a part of these FREAKS!" Everything got silent, even Jon at once he said it, like he'd gone too far. "Freaks? You think we are thy FREAKS?" I finally bellowed. The torches on the walls went out, causing tons of eleven year olds to scream at the black out. A flag with a dragon on it fell on the floor out of nowhere, and the dragon peeled itself off the flag. He circled around the school, moving exactly where and when I told it to, and finally shot himself to Jon, it's mouth opened wide and vanished in a cloud of white smoke. Next, a lion, eagle, badger, and snake crawled and slithered around  the tables. Then they went up and vanished, the eagle vanished in blue, snake in green, lion in scarlet, and badger in yellow.

The lights went back on, and I heard McGonagall shout out, "MISS DRAGGEN!" That was the last I remembered before I heard a thud, and everything went black.


Author's Note

 Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on recently, I'll try to update when I can! Anyways, thanks for all the nice support! Peace out! 

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