The Lost Founder (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

Ivy Draggen is an average eleven year old female prankster from Dumstrang Orphanage. But when she and her peers go on a field trip to Hogwarts, she finds out she is a witch. But after a couple weeks there, she finds she is special, even for a witch. Is there more to her than being a witch?


2. Chapter 1

"Miss DRAGGEN! Are you coming or not?!"

"Coming! (You old fart)" I mumbled under my breath.

"I heard that!" the old, very old, teacher yelled back. 

"Nobody cares." I got my bag and slung it over my shoulder and walked to them. "Presenting.... ME! The person that called Mr. Kilo an old fart!" I bowed dramatically, sending tons of snickers and giggles coming from my fellow..... orphans? Or should I say classmates? Mates? Buds? Oh well. 

"Hey Ivy!' Zoe whispered. "Do ya know where we're going?" I shook my head. "Okay kids. Hurry up on the bus! Or I'll whack you twenty times!" Mr. Kilo yelled. That made kids obey. Even Zoe. I stayed all there, ho hum. "Watcha standing there for, Draggen?! I said MOVE!" "What's that? Your old breath clogged my ears! Do you ever brush?" I countered, then stuck out my tongue, and got on the bus slowly to drive him INSANE! HA! 

And of course I did. He turned purple like a grape but swallowed the nasty comments that were forming in his head.  "Okay students! Today we're going to visit Hogwarts!" Some kid yelled, "Is it because you're a hog and you have warts?!" Mr.Kilo rolled his eyes. "You'll see."

When we FINALLY arrived, I looked out the window. What was Hogwarts? It gave me a tingly, warm feeling to say Hogwarts. Meh, maybe the air conditioning in the bus was just a crack pot. "HEY! Look at those WEIRDOS flying! Must be a circus act! FREAK!" Jon yelled. 

The dude was right. Sure enough, there were kids flying about on wait, BROOMS? I stared out harder. Sure, they might seem freaks, but they just WEREN'T. "No," I finally replied. "It's wonderful!" Zoe and Jon looked at me. 

"You must be running a fever." Zoe finally said to break the AWKWARD silence between us, and grabbed my hand. "NO,I'm not, Miss. I'm-going-to-call-everybody-that-is-special-a-freak!" I shook her hand off.

"Okay people! Line UP! And that's an ORDER." Mr.Kilo bellowed. Every single one of them did that "order", even me. I was just too excited to see Hogwarts. But little did I know, they didn't serve pizza....... haha, just kidding! Ahem, correction; Little did I know that this "Hogwarts" would play a BIG part in my life. Yippee. 

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