What happens when you and your best friend have a crush in the some guy, and he ends up asking her out? Find out in 'Besties?'

1D & o2l fanfic


3. Charpter 3


I was texting Julieanna, I mean JJ around midnight to 2 in the morning, then she fell asleep while we were still texting. "Who you texting?" Ricky asked "JJ" I said back "Who?" Ricky looked really confused. "The girl who opened my locker that one day." I responded " "What were you guys talking about?" Connor asked "Just random stuff I guess..." I said getting quieter. Then at that moment Kian jumped on top of me, grabbed my phone and started reading my texts. "What are you doing?" I asked kinda load "texting JJ" he said back "don't she fell asleep! You'll wake her up" I yelled He stopped and awed with Connor and Ricky. "What?" I asked getting my phone back from Kian."You like her" they all said at the same time. "No I don't" I said really quickly. then Ricky said, "Yes you do, you answered really quickly, you wouldn't have done that if you did like her." Ricky was right I did like her. "Fine your right, I do like her. Just don't tell her though. Any of you." I said. Then I went upstairs, into my room, did a vlog, then went to bed thinking about JJ.



I woke up at 10:00 am to the smell of bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast. I walked down the stairs still in my pajamas which was a pair of gray sweat pants and a long sleeve sweater type thing that showed off my shoulders, it was purple and it said in white letters, 'LOVE'. I walked into the kitchen and saw Emily's mom, Mandy cooking breakfast. I heard someone come down the stairs, it was Emily, and right after her Ashly came down. "Go wake up your father." Mandy said. "K" We said while getting 3 pots and 3 wooden spoons. Ashly, Emily, and I tip toed into Mandy and Steve's room (There parents room) Ashly climbed on to there bed while me and Emily stayed on the ground. we all mouthed to each other '1...2...3...' and started yelling, "GET UPPPPPP! TIME TO GET UUUUPPPP!!!!" while hitting the pots with the wooden spoons. Steve got up and we went down to eat breakfast.   


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