What happens when you and your best friend have a crush in the some guy, and he ends up asking her out? Find out in 'Besties?'

1D & o2l fanfic


4. Chapter 4


*** Monday ***

I woke up to the song 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding. I got out of bed, and took a shower. I got out of the shower and pit this on:



 I brushed my hair and left it down the put the beanie from the picture on.  I took a piece of fruit and started walking to school. Emily caught up with me and we were walking when we were joined by JC, Connor, Ricky, Kian, San, and Trevor. Emily was fangirling. The boys noticed and chuckled a little. we all walked to school together and when were got there me and Em went to our other friends. School started and we went to class.

* after school * 

Me and Emily were walking home when she said, " Ok you promise you won't get mad?" "Yeah" I said, "Ok... well in science... Harry and I were passing notes and he gave me his number and asked me to date him, and I said yes." "Really! Good for you" I said in a cheery voice, but on the inside I was broken. My best friend and my biggest crush are dating. We walked in silence until we reached Emily's house. She said bye and walked up to her house. I was walking really slow to my house. Then I felt people around me. It was Connor, JC, Ricky and Kian. Trevor and Sam lived up the road. "Why so sad JJ" Connor asked, "Oh nothing" I said then walked up my path to my house. I ran inside. up to my room, and jumped on ny bed and started crying.  

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