What happens when you and your best friend have a crush in the some guy, and he ends up asking her out? Find out in 'Besties?'

1D & o2l fanfic


1. Chapter 1

Julieanna's POV

Hi my name is Julieanna, and I an 16 years old. I have long, dark brown, curly hair, dark brown eyes, I'm skinny, tan, and I have an hour glass figure. My family is rich so I get a lot of things, But I'm not a stuck up bitch like people think rich people are. My best friend Emily, is also 16 has longish brown hair it's a little wavy at the ends, has brown eyes, and in so skinny its like all she is, is skin and bones, but surprisingly she is really strong. She is also rich but like me she isn't stuck up. Our parents send us to public school because, well I don't really know why but that doesn't really matter anyways.

I got up for school and did my morning routine. I walked out of my house and saw Emily waiting for me. I walked up to her and we stated walking to school. We were only walking for a few minutes when we saw our other friends, Emma, Kasi, and Katlyn. They are all rich too, they aren't mean either. We walked to school talking about our summer, and what we did and who from school we saw. We all walked into the school and started heading towards the commends. Kasi, Emma, Katlyn, Emily, and I all sat down at our normal table waiting for school to start. We were approached by a teacher and she gave us our schedules. for the year. We all looked over our schedules and over each others schedules. I had History with Kasi, Writing with Emma, Reading with Katlyn, Math with all of them yes, and science with Emily. I had each class with at least one of them. The bell rang and I went to my locker and opened it. I put all of my stuff in there and took out my things for History. I walked in there and saw Kasi was already in there and sat down next to her. We were talking when 5 guys walked in. They looked new, but did look a little familiar. The teacher told us his name witch was Mr. Imhoff, and told us to sit anywhere for now and took attendance. He called mine and Kasi's name and we said here. When Mr. Imhoff said Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horn, we didn't see them until they said "here". They looked completely different, they were attractive. Last year they were I'm not trying to be mean but they were not that attractive. One really stood out to me though, and that was Harry. He was really cute. I don't know what it was about him, it was just him. I think I was starting to have a crush on him.

After class was over, I walked out, into the hallway. I walked to my locker and opened it. I got my things out for my next class and started to walk to walk there when I saw a new kid and his friends trying to open his locker. I went over there and asked, "Um... hi, I couldn't help but notice that you couldn't get your locker open, may I?" he looked at his friends and said, "Sure, um... 42-22-4" "k... there... you... go..." I said while opening it. " oh... thanks, I'm Justin, Justin Caylen. but you can call me JC" JC said. Then his friends friend's said, "I'm Connor Franta, call me Connor" one of them said. then another one said," I'm Ricky Dillon" "Sam Pottorff" "Trevor Moran" "Kian Lawley" the other 3 said. "I'm Julieanna but you can call me JJ.


A/N      ok I know what a lot of you might be thinking. Who the fuck are JC Caylen, Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley, and San Pottorff? well they are all youtuber's and they all have there own channels and they all share a channel called our2ndlife and I just love them. you might know then but I am just assuming you don't know who they are because no one in my school knew who they were, so yeah, but I suggest you go check out our2dnlife on youtube and subscribe to that channel.













A/N this book doesn't have anything to do with 'Forever' I just couldn't think of any other names.

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