Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


38. Tour memories and i think you know what happened next......

A:N Omg guys i'm so sorry i haven't updated in ages!!! I've wanted to i've just been really busy! Getting ready for GCSE's and stuff like that! I HATE SCHOOL! But i just want to say thank you  to everyone who has liked, favourited and commented! Also thank you for the 1048 reads! WOW! I want to start another fan fiction about Harry but i don't really know what about yet. Anyway recently i'm not getting more comments and favorites, and i'm just wondering why. I always read every single comment and reply/like, so if you have any questions about me or this story i am happy to answer them. So i was just wondering is this story getting boring? I'm trying to make it lively and fun, but maybe i'm just a bad author. Anyway here's a long chapter to make up for the loss of updates! Love you all, enjoy!! xxx



I woke up and my head was pounding. What happened? I slowly opened my eyes and i was in the back of a van......WHAT??!!! What happened??? Umm....oh yeah my real dad kidnapped me. I hope the guys are looking for me, i wonder what they're doing right now. Probably just crying. But wait, what if they don't miss me? What if they just went back to the tour bus and then did another concert or something? Mabey they're glad my real dad took me, but even if they are, Louis will be my dad no matter what. Even though we're not blood related. Okay stop thinking negative thoughts Martha. Of course they're coming to look for you. I bet they're talking to the police right now. I hope so anyway.



I can't believe that fucking prick! I hope Martha's okay. He said he was going to beat her, what if he's doing that right now?!?!?! I need to save her. Louis is going crazy, the police just left and when they did Louis started to break everything. Now he's just went into Martha's bunk, crying. Poor guy. The rest of us are just sat on the sofa's crying. Jesy, Perrie, El, Jade and Leigh Anne are here to. Don't worry Martha, we will save you. 



I'M SO ANGRY AND UPSET! HE HAD NO RIGHT TO TAKE MY DAUGHTER!! Well she's not my blood daughter, but i don't care. I love her more than anything, and i would give up anything for her. I guess that's why i feel so angry and lost right now. I broke allot of things in the tour bus and now i'm just sat on Martha's bunk moping. Wait what's that on her pillow? I picked it up and it was a DVD. It said on the cover. 'Our tour memories! For 1D and LM!' Okay we have to watch this.

I walked into the living room and showed it to them. "Should we watch it?" Perrie asked. "Of course, it says it's for us!" Jade replies. Everyone nods in agreement. I put it in the DVD player and videos a pictures from our tour of the last six months show up! The first one is of the day on tour in our hotel. 


 Martha walked back into her room and i was there. She was sharing a room with Harry since he hasn't got a girlfriend."Hey uncle Hazza!" He grinned and said "Hey marthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"  "Haha! Hey dad!" She said sitting on Harry's lap. "Arn't you abit old for that?" Harry asked her. "But you lovvvvvvve me!" She said with a puppy dog face. "Fine you win!" Harry said giving up. "Thankyou uncllllllllllle Harrrrrreh!" She said giggling. "I like it when she calls you uncle" I said to Harry. "Well Louis i like it when she calls you dad!" Harry said to me poking my cheek. "Lets get a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Martha shouted! " but El's in the background sleeping won't she be mad?" Harry asked us. "Nahhhhhhhhhh" Me and Martha said. So we started taking random funny pictures and video's. 


remember that so well. I looked at Eleanor and she looked embarrassed. "Awh don't be embarrassed babe" i said kissing her lips. "I can't believe you took pictures when i was like that" She said slightly laughing. We all laughed and carried on watching the DVD.



The next photo is when it was my birthday. She even took a picture of my cake! 

"That tasted awesome!" Niall said. Obviously he would say that. The next one was when Martha beat us at Mario kart.


I was playing Mario kart with all the boys, and Louis was winning. It was 3am and none of us could sleep since the our bus was driving faster than normal for some unknown reason. "Could you guys please keep the noise down, it's hard enough to sleep already without you guys making so much noise!" She said annoyed (to Louis in particular.) "Sorry but i'm busy winning this!" Louis replied and as soon as he said it, he won. "YAYYYYYYYY! IN YOUR FUCKING FACES WOOO!!!!" He screamed. "Louis language!" Liam said. "You're just jealous cause i won Liam!" Louis boasted. Liam rolled his eyes. "Oh please i can beat you any day dad!" Martha said to Louis. "Is that a challenge?" Louis smirked at her. "No i want to go back to sleep!" She said walking away. "CHICKEN!!!" Louis yelled and started to walk around like a chicken. We all laughed it was quite funny. "I'M NOT A CHICKEN! Pass me that control!" She said walking back into the living room area and looking into Louis' eyes, and held out her arm for me to give her the remote. "Fine, let's see who will win!" Louis said sitting down about to start. "Fine, but can one of you guys please move, they'res no where to sit down" She said looking at us. "Sit on my lap darlin!" I said. "Okay!" She said and sat on my lap. 20 minutes later and Martha had won. "OH YES TAKE THAT!!!" She said screaming happily. "YOU WHAT HOW DID YOU WIN!? I'M GOING TO BED!" Louis said confused and playfully upset and he went to his bunk bed.We all fell about laughing!



We all started laughing at the memory and now Louis looked embarrassed. "Awh don't be embarrassed babe" Eleanor said kissing his lips, mocking him because that's what he did to her earlier. 5 minutes later and the video finished. We were all in tears. It was a great idea of hers and we all miss her so much! We all group hugged and went to bed. Little Mix went back to their bus. Don't worry Martha we are coming for you!



The van stopped and my dad opened the doors. "Oh good you're awake!" He said smirking licking his lips. "What do you want from me?" I asked acting brave but i was really scared. I think it showed to. "You will have to wait and find out!" He said chuckling. "Now get out the van!" He said trying to make me leave. NO WAY! "NO!" i shouted kicking him in the knee. "YOU LITTLE BITCH!" He said slapping me and lifting me over his shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN!" I shouted but he just laughed and pinched my bum. EW! I looked around for help but realized we were in the middle of a forest all alone!!! "Where are we?" i asked panicked. "Ireland!" He said like it was no big deal. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IRELAND? I ONLY JUST GOT TO AMERICA WITH THE BOYS! HOW LONG WAS I ASLEEP!?" I yelled when he threw me onto a bed. Oh no. If i'm in Ireland the guys will never find me. "Lets just say you were asleep a very long time" he said smirking and began to take off his belt. "No please!" i begged. "No to late bitch" he said taking off my clothes. I think you know what happened next........



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