Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


23. They're be great parents!


So me and the lads stood in the reception area with the policeman while Miss Coop went to find the adoption forms. All the guys had such happy faces, obviously they really wanted this. She came in a few minutes later with the forms. "Right i've got the forms, so can the new father sign these while one of you go upstairs with the policeman." Miss Coop explained. If your wondering where all the kids are they are on a school trip. Mrs Love didn't let Martha go. "Can we have a minute to discuss who the father will be?" Harry asked. Of course she said.



"We all want this really bad. But i vote Louis since he's the eldest and him and Martha have the best bond also he has a very stable relation ship, So does Zayn but Perrie's always away on tour and Eleanor's not busy very often" I said. All the other guys nodded. "Well i guess i'm going to be a dad." Louis said with tears in his eyes. "But all us 5 lads will be her dad. Not just me. And Mahi, Perrie, Mollie and Eleanor will be her mum. One big family!" Louis said. "GROUP HUG!"  Mollie shouted! 

After the group hug i said, "Louis you should probably call Eleanor and tell her you're about to be parents"  "Hahahaha that conversation is usually the other way round!" Niall said in between laughs. Lol he was right though. "Yeah okay"



"Hey babe, you okay. I'm still at the studio so i can't talk for long"  "Yeah i'm fine babes, i just rang to ask you is it okay if you and me are Martha's new parents?"  "OMG!!!!! YESSSSS! You didn't need to ask me!!!"  "Great okay see you later by love you"  "Love you byeeee!" She said and hung up. Well that went better than i thought. Now i had tears in my eyes. 

"Well?????????????" Zayn asked me. "She said yes. She would love to be a mum!"  "YAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Everyone shouted. We went back into reception where Miss Coop and the Policeman were waiting. "I'm her new dad!" I told hem. "Congratulations Mr Tomlinson, just sign these and she's all yours"  "Great"  I replied.  "Right Mr Tomlinson who is going to come with me to bring Martha." The policeman asked me.  "Uhhhhhh Mollie" I said since she's a girl and she can get Martha's stuff as well. 



I went upstairs with the policeman and when we found Martha's room we went in and what we saw broke my heart. We have been in this orphanage for about 5 minutes and i'm already crying.

"I'll take her downstairs and you get all her stuff"  "Alright" I replied, and started to get her stuff. She hardly had anything so it didn't take me long.



So i finished signing the forms while a doctor was checking to see if Martha was alright, and Mollie was upstairs getting her stuff. "She's perfectly fine, will just need rest for a day or so"  "Thank you doctor" Niall said and the doctor left. Right on cue Mollie came down with a bag that was more a less empty. 



As soon as the doctor left Mollie came downstairs with Martha's stuff.  "Is that everything?"  Zayn asked me in disbelief. "Yep!" I replied. "Okay i'll carry Martha to the car she can stay on my lap"  I said to everyone. "Okay" They all replied. We said thank you to the policeman and Miss Coop and left the orphanage to ours house. Martha is now finally ours! Louis and Eleanor are going to be great parents!

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