Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx



I woke up (again) in a bedroom, I think it was Louis’ because of the carrot pillows.

“Finally you’re awake” He said. Where did he come from? He scared the hell out of me. “Louis what do you want with me?” I whispered, scared that he would hurt me. “Nothing love, wait how do you know me? Are you a directioner?” He asked. “Yes I am a directioner, but if you aren't going to do anything to me why do you want me? “Urmmmmmm” he said unsure of what to say.


How could I tell her that we wanted her? We wanted to protect her? All of sudden she ran out the room, down the stairs and was trying to open the front door (which was locked.) All the guys came over except Niall where was he? and tried to stop her Niall then came through the door with nando’s for all 6 of us but the door hit the girl (we really need to know her name) in the head, and knocked her out. SHIT!


I was in the kitchen on my phone and went to see to see Liam harry and Zayn in the living room. “Hey guys” “Hey Niall, can you go check on Louis and what her name and then go get us all nando’s? Here’s some money” Liam said “Sure ok” I replied. I went upstairs and opened Louis’ door. What her name was still asleep and Louis was on twitter on his phone. “He mate you guys alright?” I asked him. “Yeah she’s still asleep, you want anything?” “No I’m going to nando’s to get us all food be back in a bit” “ok bye thanks” I was on my way out and harry shouted “LOCK THE DOOR IN CASE SHE TRIES ESCAPING!!!” “OK!!” I yelled back. (1 HOUR LATER!) I was now on my way home from Nando’s. I got out the car and walked up to our mansion. I opened the door and hit something; I looked and saw it was the girl FUCK!


“NIALL GODDAMIT!” I DIDN’T KNOW DID I!” he yelled back. “Sorry for yelling it’s not your fault” I spoke. “it’s ok don’t worry” he replied. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the sofa. We all sat on the floor and the other safe waiting for her to wake up. I feel so bad for her. (2 hours later!) She had still not woken up, we now made sure all doors and windows were locked, just in case. “Hey guys she said she was a directioner. She knows who we are” Louis said laughing a little. “Really? Well I bet I’m her favorite” Zayn spoke. “NO I AM!” We all yelled at the same time. Then we started having a play fight over who’s her favorite. Then we heard a little voice say “what happened?”


I woke up with a pounding head ache. The guys play fighting didn't help. “What happened?” I whispered. They all turned to look at me “Good your awake” Zayn said. Then I remembered all what had happened. I quickly crawled to the front door but I wouldn't open. I started hitting it but it wouldn’t open. I was crying now, why was I kidnapped by my favorite band ever?

“Don’t bother sweet heart” Liam scolded then carried me to the sofa. “What’s your name?” Liam asked as they crowed around me. They were waiting for an answer but I didn't want to tell them. I always imagined I would meet them in a better way than this. “Tell us!” Harry said a bit annoyed “No?” I snapped, but it sounded more like question. “Tell us!” He yelled. The other boys shouted at him for yelling, and then there was a massive argument. “GUYS!” I screamed, they all looked at me. “It’s ok, he didn't mean to shout, don’t yell at him” I’m really sorry” said harry ashamed. It’s fine. I’m used to it” I said. I wish I hadn't said that.


We stared at her in awe. Why was she always shouted at? We really wanted to know about her but we didn't want to sound like pervs or scare her. “So what is your name?” Niall asked sweetly. “mafdthsda” she mumbled. “What?” We all said “Martha” she said. “Wow what a beautiful name” harry said. “Thanks, why am I here?” She asked. We all wanted to avoid this question, but we had to say. “We wanted to make sure you were ok. You looked like you needed help. Tell us what happened and about your life” Louis spoke gently to her. Wow I didn't know Louis the Tommo Tomlinson could be quiet for this long. HAAAA!


I will try to update tomorrow! I need likes and comments to carry on though! Thanks xx :)

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