Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


30. Organizing....

"WAIT LOU--!" I got cut off by him shutting the door. Well i guess i better get the part ready. I'll start with the balloons i think.



Vanessa was helping me try on one of my new party dresses (I don't know why) and i looked out the window and saw Dad i mean Louis storm out of our house. He looked beyond angry. I wonder what that was about. What if it was something to do with me? No it wouldn't be. Would it?



I am so angry. Not so much at Liam, but Niall and Harry defiantly. All i asked was to help plan my daughters birthday party. But they had to fuck up everything. The party starts in less than 1 hour, and we've got no decorations, no cake, no presents,and hardly any people coming.  Just great! I'm on my way to the shopping center. I hope that they're there. 



I was with Vanessa helping Martha to get ready, she doesn't know that she's got a surprise party. I'm surprised she hasn't figured it out since we're making her try on party dresses. She looks like something is on her mind. Should i ask her what's wrong? "You alright love you seem kind of upset?"  I asked her kindly. "I'm fine its just Louis just stormed out the house and he seemed really angry. What if he's angry at me?"  She replied worried.  "I'm sure it's fine love. One of the boys has probably ticked him off"  Mollie said.  "Yeah i'll go round there now and ask Niall" I said. I hugged Martha and left to go next door to see what the lads had done.....this time!



Okay so I've got the balloons up and some celebrities coming. I guess i better start decorating. C'mon guys where are you?! *DING DONG!* Ugh who's at the door now? 

I opened the front door and it was Mahi. I haven't spoken to her in a while actually. "Hey Mahi if your looking for Niall i have no idea where he is" i told her truthfully.  "Oh well it's just we were helping Martha get ready and she saw Lou storm out the house, and she thought he was upset with her"  "Oh no, he's angry because Harry and Niall went out to get presents and food for the party, but they were gone three hours, and then Liam went to look for them. Then Louis came home after dropping Martha with you girls, and was angry that i was the only one here, and nothings really ready!" I explained to her.  "Oh well you go off and get a present and stuff, and me and some of the girls will sort the rest out."  "Really? Wow thank you that would be a huge help!"  "It's okay. So what do i need to do?"  "Decorate the house and make the cake. I've got the music ready and balloons up. Hopefully Niall has some food!"  "Oh okay see you later"  "Thanks bye!" I said hugging her and leaving. Now what should i get Martha?


Once Zayn left i quickly ran next door and got Jade, Perrie, Eleanor, Frankie and Rochelle to help me. Since we were the ones all ready. Jade, Eleanor and Frankie are making the cake while me, Perrie and Rochelle are decorating. I hope Martha will love it!


I just arrived at the mall, and i found Liam, Harry and Niall. But guess what? Being the idiot i am i tried to help them in the mob of fans and now we're all getting mobbed! At least Zayn's not here, because then it would be even more hectic!



I'm on my way to the mall now. I wonder where the boys are? 

I went inside the mall and the boys were getting mobbed. They saw me and told me to try and save them. How was i supposed to do that? Wait i know I've got an idea!



Me, Liam, Niall and now Louis we're getting mobbed when we noticed Zayn at the back of the crowd. We told him to save us. We just hope the fans don't notice him. Don't get me wrong i love our fans but right now were trying to organize Louis' and Eleanor's daughters birthday party! Then Zayn came up with a good idea and pretended to be a bodyguard. Where did he find that disguise? "Make room girls, let them get through!" Zayn said in a different voice. We were trying out hardest not to laugh right now. 



WOW! I can't believe that actually worked! Thanks Zayn! "Thanks mate, you saved our arse's!" Niall said once we got back to each of our cars. "That's okay but i need to go get a present. You four got yours?" Zayn said. "Yeah we have....wait whose organizing the party?" I asked worried. "Mahi and some of the girls, I've done balloons, guests and music!"  "Okay thanks Zayn! See you later!"  "Bye!" Zayn said and went off. I wonder what he's going to get Martha.



Some of the girls keep leaving. I think they're arranging a party for me. UGH! I said i didn't want one! But i guess i'll just play along.



What should i get Martha? What does she like? She likes......acting!!!!!!! I know what to get her for her birthday! But i'm at the wrong place, i don't need to be at the mall! I hope this is a good idea...



I took over from Vanessa and i stayed with Martha so Vanessa could get ready. I decide on this for her in the end.




We got back, thanked the girls (they did an awesome job!) And we quickly got everything in place. Zayn got back a few minutes ago, and everyone is here. Guests, us lads, and the girls. Now we're just waiting for Eleanor to come in with Martha. Eleanor's bringing her in since she's Martha's mum because i'm her dad and Eleanor's my girlfriend! A few minutes later they both came in. Wow Martha and Eleanor looked stunning!

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone yelled! They're we're about 100 people here, maybe even more!



"OMG! THANK YOU EVERYONE!" I said in complete shock. I new they we're organizing a party, but i didn't know it was going to be this big!


A/N: Sorry i haven't updated in a couple weeks, but i hope you like this chapter! So what do you think Zayn got her? Leave your comments on what you think, and don't forget to like and favorite please! Love you guys! Also Merry Christmas! xxx

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