Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


51. Oh god help me now!


Hey guys sorry i haven't updated in a while, just been realllllllllllllllly busy! But yeah, so how are you guys???????????????????? Anything exciting going on in your lives? Wow i sound like a perv. Phahhaa. Don't forget UK readers, it's sport relief on friday, so don't forget to watch Little Mix! #WordUp

Love you guys thanks for reading! xx



"He didn't mean it!" Louis cried picking me up and kissing my cheek a couple times. "Hey don't worry! We're not going to get rid of you!" Liam said holding my hand. "We love you, and you're not a problem! Screw Simon what does he know?" Mum said hugging me. "Yeah no one likes him, he's just a big fart!" Perrie laughed. Everyone laughed along with her.

"So we all agree that we're not going to let Simon take Martha away from us?" Niall asked putting his hand forward. "i'm in!" Zayn agreed putting his hand on top of Nialls. We all put our hands in except harry. Is he still mad at me? I should be mad at him. "Harry? Are you going to help me?" I asked him looking up at him through my wet eyes. "I....i um..i need to go somewhere!" he said looking at us and quickly dashing out of the dining room. He grabbed his jacket and walked out the house slamming the front door behind him. 



"Harry hates me!" Martha cried on my shoulder, me still carrying her. "No he doesnt its okay!" I said smoothing her hair. What the fuck is wrong with Harry? Is he seriously going to hold a grudge with a 10 year old? What a jerk. Well i guess i'll just ask him later. Ugh!


I didn't mean to just walk out like that, i was just confused about all what's happened. I slapped my best mates daughter, i kissed my other best mates girlfriend and made them break up, and i just made Martha hate me even more by saying i wasnt going to help her.

 Yes i'm slightly angry at Martha, but i don't want her gone. I love her like shes my daughter and thats never going to change. 

*BANG BANG!* I hit Simons front door hard, loud and clear. A few seconds later ONE of his butlers opened the door. "yes sir how may i help you?" he said in a posh voice. "Let me in, i need to speak to Simon!" I growled. I was still pissed. "is he expecting you?"  "No!"  "Well i'm very sorry sir, but you're not allowed to see Mr Cowell!" he said about to close the door in my face.

"Harry?" I heard Simon say. I looked down the corridor and he was staring right at me. "Simon i need to talk to you!" I spat. "Fine. Spencer let him in!" he said to the butler.

I walked in and Spencer the butler took my jacket and shoes. Okay then? "So what brings you here?" Simon asked me, while leading me to the living room. "You can't get rid of Martha!" I angrily spoke getting straight to the point. "Sure i can! I own One Direction, so what i say goes!" He replied looking at me dead in the eyes from the other sofa.

"You'll crush all of us! Especially Louis and El! They love her so much, and so do i, the other lads, The sats and Little Mix! Our fans love her too!" i said trying to persuade him not to get rid of her. 

He sat there thinking for a while then finally spoke. "Alright i'll make you a deal Styles! If you do something for me, i'll let you keep Martha!"  "Anything what is it?"  "You need to date Taylor Swift again, for at least 1 year!" Simon smirked. "WHAT THE FUCK? I HATE HER! SHE JUST USED ME TO WRITE A COUPLE HIT SONGS! SHE A MASSIVE WHORE!" I screamed angrily. "Do you want to keep Martha or not?" Simon spat. "Okay yes fine! i'll ask her on a date for tomorrow!" I said pulling out my phone. "Good boy!" he grinned smugly. 

*RING RING!* "Hello?"  "Hey Taylor...it's Harry...." I spoke through the phone. Oh god help me now.....

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