Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


53. I'm arresting you for assult!


We walked into the restaurant, and gosh was it fancy!



"Woah!" Liam said looking around. "it's gorgeous!" Mollie murmured in a daze.

"It's okay i guess, but i've seen nicer!" Taylor said in a casual voice. "Listen here...!" Mollie began to say but was cut off by a waiter coming up to us. 

"Do you have a reservation sir?" He asked me in a fake posh voice. Aha! 

"yeah reservation for Styles!" I replied smiling doing my best posh voice possible. I heard Liam and Mollie snickering behind me, because of my attempt of a fancy voice. 

"Ah yes this way please" The waiter said and guided us through the restaurant. 

"Here you are, and here are your menus.I will get someone to take your drinks order!" he said handing us the menus. "thankyou" We all replied, even Taylor.


So do you want to know why i decided to date Harry Styles? Well a lot of answers for that.

1) I'll get more publicity

2) I'll get more money

3) I'll break his heart

4) I'll make One Direction break up

5) They'll lose fans because a lot of directioners hate me

6) I'll get rid of that adopted girl of Louis.

So yeah they're the main reasons. But don't get em wrong Harry is really fir, and is great in bed! ;) ;)  I don't care if you say i'm a bitch. I'm thin, pretty and drop dead gorgeous, what else could a guy want? (A/N You're all beautiful, never put yourself down! You DON'T need to be skinny and drop dead gorgeous and all that shit to be beautiful!) Also i'm pretty sure Harry doesn't want to date me, so when i find out why he is, i will tell the press. It's payback time!


"So Taylor i really love your music!" Liam said trying to change the awkward atmosphere. "Well i don't like your music!" She spat. You could tell Liam was getting pissed of with her, we all were. 

"Tay that's rude!" Mollie said looking her in the eye. "I don't care, and only people i like call me Tay!" Mollie slammed her fist on the table. Taylor started to read her menu, and me, Mollie and Liam all gave each other looks. "Kill me now!" Mollie said under her breath, but obviously Taylor heard. "happily!" She smirked. Mollie was beyond pissed now. 




We were now all really fucked off with taylor, especially Mollie. "Hey guys, some paps have spotted us!" mollie said looking out the window. "Shit!" harry cursed. "You know they're gonna stay here till us four leave right?" I asked everyone. 

"Actually Liam they're gonna stay till i leave. I mean, no one even listens to The Saturdays, everyone hated One Direction, so actually they're all here for me! Everyone loves me!" Taylor smirked looking outside at the paparazzi flashes going off every second.  "ha no!" Harry laughed. "Excuse me?!" Taylor replied raising her voice. "nothing.... um nothing love!"  Harry quickly responded kissing her cheek. "thats what i thought!" She replied. Me and Mollie just rolled our eyes. 

"Hello i'm Mahi i will be your waitress for this evening, are you ready to order drinks?" A waitress asked standing next to our table not even looking at us. Then i realized why.

"Mahi?!" I asked shocked. "uh yeah uh hi!" She stuttered. "What are you doing here?" Liam asked. "Well i got a job, since Niall kicked me out!" She replied looking really upset. "You should call him. Hes been a mess since your break up!" I told her truthfully. I feel awfull, considering i was the cause for their breakup. "I'll call him later i guess" She said smiling. "Are you going to take our drink order or not?" Taylor huffed. "Oh yeah sorry what can i get you?" Mahi asked waiting to write it down in her notepad.  "can we just have two bottles of red wine please?" I asked politely. "Of course " She replied and walked away with our order. "Harry i don't like red wine!" Taylor wined. Okay you can officially kill me now!



We're still at this bloody restaurant with that bitch Taylor Swift. She's been a bitch all night! Is she on her period or something? I was looking forward to this date with Liam, but it's been awful. Theres literally about 100-200 paparazzi outside. Taylor has had every chance possible to insult somebody, mostly me. Bitch.

"Excuse me please can i get your autographs?" A little girl asked coming up to us, she was only about 5 or 6.  "Of course sweetie!" i said smiling. "What would you like us to sign?" Harry asked smiling. "Ummm..... i don't know? This napkin mabey?" She asked us picking up a clean unused napkin. "Oi thats mine" taylor snapped. Suddenly the girl started to cry. Where was her mother anyway? 

"Oh shut up Taylor! Yes we'd love to sign this darling!" Liam said pulling out a sharpie and signing it, then he passed it to us three. "You want a hug?" Harry asked the little girl since she was still crying. She nodded in response. Awh!  "i like your dress, my sister used to have one like that!" Harry said after the hug, he is so good with kids. He will make a great dad someday! The little girl giggled making us all grin, other than Taylor who just rolled her eyes. "thankyou!" The little girl said smiling. "You're welcome love! See you later!" We all said except Taylor.

Soon as the girl couldn't hear us i started to have a go at Taylor. "What was that?!" I spat. "What?" She asked all innocently. "You were so mean to her! She was only about 6!" I shot at her. "Who cares? She was ugly so i have every right to be horrible to her!" Taylor said shrugging her shoulders. "Well you're ugly and i'm trying to be nice to you!" Mollie snapped. 


"Well you're ugly and i'm trying to be nice to you!" Mollie snapped. Me and Liam gave each other nervous glances. "YOU BLONDE DUMB ASS BITCH!" Taylor yelled as loud as possible creating a scene. somehow Paparazzi had got into the restaurant, and were taking photos and recording this. Some people in here eating were doing that as well. 

"WELL YOU'RE BLONDE TOO!" Mollie yelled in response. "SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE!" Taylor screamed. "NO! YOU'VE BEEN A BITCH ALL NIGHT! I'VE TRIED TO BE CIVIL, BUT I JUST HATE YOU SO MUCH!" Mollie yelled. Taylor suddenly slapped Mollie really hard, the force made Mollie's head to the right. Suddenly they started to punch each other. "HEY STOP!" Liam yelled. I quickly pulled Taylor off of mollie, as she was on her throwing punches. 

"Mollie chill!" I said trying to calm her. She was resisting though, and she is actually really strong. I quickly put her over my shoulder, and Liam put Taylor over his shoulder. It was weird that we were carrying eachothers girlfriends though. 


I gave our waiter a hundred pounds and walked out the restaurant, with Mollie still on my shoulder and Taylor on Liams. All of a sudden Taylor kicked Liam in his manhood and he doubled over in pain. How did she even do that? Well she is tall and has long legs i suppose. Suddenly she started to hit Mollie, while she was still on my back. What the fuck? I dropped Mollie, and me and Liam tried to pull them apart. But because we were outside the restaurant, everyone was watching. Fans, paps, people walking past, everybody. Kill me now. Suddenly the police came. 

"BREAK IT UP RIGHT NOW!" The policeman yelled. But they kept fighting, suddenly Mollie accidently punched me in the nose. "Ah!" I yelled bending over. "Oh my god Harry i'm so sorry!" Mollie said holding my shoulders checking if i was okay. Taylor took this as a great opportunity and hit Mollie in the back off the head. Just then when Liam tried to break them up again, he accidently punched the policeman.

"I'm arresting all four of you for assault. You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court, anything you do say may be given in evidence." Then another three policeman came and arrested us. How fucking great! 

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