Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


55. I'm afraid you can't do that sir

"So do you think Niall would take me back?" Mahi asked. We're watching catching fire at the moment. Remember at the start when my dream was to become an actress? Yeah well thats still my dream. 

"I think he would. He's been really upset since you left" i replied truthfully. "So have i. I guess i'll talk to him when he gets back" She said returning her gaze back to the TV.


"Why is it so expensive to bail them out? Why should we have to pay £2000 for each person!" I said the policeman sounding really stressed. And i was. 

"Well since they're now in every magazine, newspaper and on every news channel you will have to pay fees!"  "Thats messed up" Zayn said sounding really pissed. "Lets pay four grand each. We'll get them to pay us back" I said to Zayn looking him in the eye. "yeah i guess" he said about to write a check. 

"I'm afraid you can't do that sir" The policeman said looking at us both. "And why not?" i sassed back. "All four of them will have to go to court" "Why? We said we'd bail them out!" Zayn shouted. 


Us four and Niall were trying to listen to Zayn's and Louis' conversation with the officer. They both sounded really mad. "I better see what's going on" Niall said and quickly walked away.

"What if they can't bail us out?" Mollie said to no one in particular. "Relax, it will only be a few hundred pounds each no big deal. We'll just pay them back" Liam said trying to calm her down. Yeah surely it couldn't cost more that £800 each could it? 

"WHAT!" We suddenly heard Niall shout. "Well that doesn't sound good" I said lying down on the floor staring at the ceiling. 



"Why do they need to go to court?"  "For public offenses" The officer said. "Public offenses my arse! You're having a field day with this aren't you! It's just so you can get more money, and the paparazzi can get more pictures!" Louis yelled getting really angry. "Mr Tomlinson i suggest you calm down or else i will arrest you to!" Louis just glared at him.  

"So when will they need to go to court?" Zayn asked. "Tomorrow morning at 10am" The man replied. "So  if we go, and say we'll bail them out then they're free right?" I asked just to make sure we were getting our facts right. "I suppose. All except Mr Styles" The policeman replied. "What why?"  We all yelled.

"He has been charged with an offence of child abuse"  "WHAT!? Who by?" Louis yelled. "A lady by the name Eleanor Calder" The man said not thinking much of it. All of our faces dropped. "Oh my fucking god!" We all said and looked at each other. "Do you know who that lady is?" The man asked, obviously confused at our reactions. "Yes thats my girlfriend" Louis said shaking his head and rubbing his temple. 

"Well i'm sorry to hear that sir, but you can talk to Miss Swift, Miss King, Mr Payne and Mr Styles now for a few minutes"  and with that we walked to their cell.




"You idiots!" i snapped once we came to the outside of their cell. We weren't actually allowed in it. "It's £2000 each to bail you out! And you have to go to court tomorrow!"  "What!? For gods sake!" Taylor said kicking the wall. "Oh it gets better! Harry's been charged with child abuse as well!" I said walking up and down. "WHAT!? WHO BY?!" Harry yelled. "Eleanor" Louis said almost in tears.



"Mate......" Harry said. "Well i honestly don't blame her! I mean you hit our daughter! But i would never tell anyone Hazza! I haven't told anyone! I can't believe Eleanor did that!" i said sighing. "You need to be really convincing in court tomorrow Harry! I'll try to get El to drop charges" i said. "Thanks mate, i really owe you one!" he said smiling a little. "WAIT! My boyfriend hit his best mates kid? Oh wow this is funny!" Taylor smirked, laughing. "You fucking whore" I said getting up and clenching my fists. "Well we're gonna go. See you in court tomorrow guys!" Zayn quickly said dragging me away from them and out the building, quickly followed by Niall.


"So how'd it go?" Mahi asked once we got back to the house. Oh great Eleanor was here too. Wait isn't she suppose to be in Italy modeling? It seemed Zayn read my thoughts "I thought you were supposed to be in Italy modeling?" he asked curiously. "I was but some of the shows got cancelled so i came back early" she said smiling. Something about her voice said she was lying though.

"Daddy!" Martha said running up to Louis and giving him a hug. "Hello darling" he said kissing her forehead. "So what happened? Why aren't the guys here?!" Mahi asked.




"Well it cost £2000 each to bail them out. We were willing to pay but then the officer said we have t go to court tomorrow first. But then he said Harry's also been charged with an offence of child abuse" I said looking right into Eleanor eyes. "Why did you do it?" I snapped getting straight to the point. "Well when i was in Italy, Harry, Liam, Mollie and Taylor being arrested was the only thing that people was talking about. So when i heard Harry had been arrested, i thought it was a great opportunity to tell them about Harry hitting martha" She said pointing at Martha. 

"Drop the charges" i said, and everyone else agreed. "Why should i?" She said walking up to me and trying to take Martha out of my arms. "Don't touch her!" i spat, clutching Martha. "I'm trying to protect her!" She said her voice raising a little. "Until you drop the charges, you won't touch her!" I snapped backing away. "Daddy" Martha said crying a little. "It's alright doll" i said stroking her hair. With that Eleanor walked out the house.


When El walked out the house i quickly walked up to Niall. Can i talk to you a sec?" i asked looking him in the eyes. Gosh he has gorgeous eyes. "Yeah lets go into the kitchen" He said walking to it. "So um i think we should try again" i said getting  straight to the point. "I want to but what if you do this again?" he asked tears brimming in his eyes. 

"I won't i swear! And for whatever reason i did, you can chuck me out and i'll never bother you again" i said tears brimming from my eyes. "Okay i trust you, you know i've been a mess without you" He said wiping my tears away with his thumb. "I've been a mess to. But i love you Nialler" i said leaning my forehead on his. "i love you to Mahi" he said and with that he kissed me. Soft and gentle, a perfect kiss. We broke away when we heard Martha yell "GUYS COME AND SEE THIS!" 


Everyone quickly came rushing in, knowing something was wrong. I noticed Niall and Mahi were holding hands. Awwh yay they're back together! 

"Watch this" i said pointing to the TV.



"So we all know Taylor Swift, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Mollie King have been arrested. But it seems Harry has been arrested for something else to. Well i'm here with one of the officers investigating in the circumstance. So what has actually happened?" The women asked.

"Well we arrested all four of them for assault outside a restaurant. They are going to court tomorrow to be bailed out however, we had a report from a lady who claims Harry Styles hit her daughter" he said.

"What wa sthe name of the lady who's making this charges?" the lady asked shocked.

"Eleanor Calder!" he replied.

"But that's Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend! So Harry Styles hit his best friend daughter Martha Tomlinson?" The women said shocked. 

"It seems so yes. However we need to investigate further"

"So how long will he be in prison?" 

"Around 5 years. Or £5,000 bail plus the £2000 grand already" the officer said.

"Well there you have it guys. Tweet us your comments on what you think about Harry Styles. Is he really a child abuser?" The woman said and then the credits came up.

"What are we going to do?!" dad said letting out a huge sigh. 


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