Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


17. How hard can it be?


I'm actually really scared to do this. 1) i'm scared of heights and I've got to climb a ladder to get to her room 2) This is illegal because we're breaking and entering. Why do One Direction always get caught up in things like this?



I know for a fact Niall is scared to do this it's written all over his face, and he should be scared. He's climbing the ladder now while i hold it. All he's got to do is put the camera somewhere. How hard can it be?



I'm at her window now looking in. I'm 99% sure she's asleep. Okay Niall calm down. It's just one little job and it could save a life. How hard can it be? I know that no other kids get beaten up here, because Martha said so and i believe her. 

I pulled on the window and it opened! SCORE!! I looked back at Harry fro re-assurance and he nodded. I slid into the room and looked at Martha. Considering she's really small she can snore very loudly hahahahaha! (AN don't you just LOVE Niall's laugh? It's sooo cute! Awwh!) 

Right where should i put the camera? I looked around trying to find a good hidden place? Dresser? No. Under the bed? No. In the wardrobe? No. Hmmmmmm what about on top of the wardrobe?! YES! "Niall hurry the fuck up!" Harry whispered through my walky-talky. "Okay i'm coming!"  I put it on top of the wardrobe and went to leave. I took a look and Martha and kissed her on the fore-head. Soon she will be ours!!

I went down the ladder and me and Harry carried the ladder back to the van. Don't ask how we even got it in the van. "Okay lets go lads" I said So we drove off. Leaving Martha behind. "Did you do it? Where did you put it?"  Zayn asked me.  "I put it on top of her wardrobe"  "YEAH SMART LEPRECHAUN!" Louis yelled. "Haahahahahhaah thanks Tommo!" I replied. Now we were all laughing.

So i guess now we wait a couple days to get the camera back. How hard can it be? 

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