Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx



A/N: Hey guys i just want to say thank you for the 1431 reads, 47 favourites, and 52 likes, all the people who became a fan of me and of course to everyone who commented. I would just like to shout out to harrys tight pants (cool name by the way) because she comments on every chapter, and it's always really sweet things that make me smile. So thank you to her and everyone else! Love you guys xxx (please keep liking and stuff!) Thanks everyone xx




As soon as Harry's hand came in contact with my cheek, all the memories flooded back into my brain. I have no idea why. Weird right? It hurt so bad i couldn't stop crying. I came inside to get a towel for everyone since we were in the pool. They're probably wondering where i am. Well i'm not going back out there if Harry is there, he'll probably hit me or beat me up. The others might as well.

"MARTHA WAIT!" I heard Harry yell, followed by Mahi shouting "You asshole" i guess she was saying that to Harry. But i ran to my room, and  locked the door so nobody could get in. "Where is she?" I heard Harry yell upset and a little angry. I don't know if it's at himself or me though. Correctly speaking i did nothing wrong he's the one who lost his temper, and of he kissed Mahi. I ran over to my blind and curtains and shut them, i hope no one noticed since my room has full view from the garden. Now that i think about it that's really creepy. "Harry did you even try her room?" I heard Mahi ask, he's such an idiot sometimes. He didn't reply and a few seconds later he was banging on my door and turning the handle but he couldn't get in. Obviously because it's locked. "Martha open this fucking door!" He said. Okay i guess he was angry at me. "Harry you're scaring her----" mahi spoke but was soon cut off by someone speaking. "What the hell is all the screaming?" i think dad asked (Louis). I didn't even want to see dad know. Oh gosh i'm still crying. I walked into my own bathroom linked to my bedroom and looked at my cheek. Oh my gosh. It was much worse than i expected. It was bright red, it stung when i touched it. A bruise was already forming. If anyone sees they're be really mad. I walked back in my room listening to the conversation currently place outside my bedroom door.



I'm still angry. More at myself that i hit her, but i'm angry at Martha for eavesdropping and she was going to tell Niall when it really has nothing to do with her at all. "What the hell is all the screaming?" Louis asked coming up to me and Mahi. We looked at eachother then Martha's room. "Um nothing" i quickly said. He looked at us suspiciously and knocked on Martha's door. "Martha sweetheart you okay? We've been waiting for you for like 20 minutes just to get some towels." Louis said calmly, but i know he was worried. 



"Hey wheres martha?" Perrie asked from sitting on Zayn's shoulder in the swimming pool. "She's been gone ages. she only went to get towles" Zayn said looking at me. "Yeah and wheres Harry and Mahi?" Liam said looking at me and Niall. "I'll go find them" i said getting out the pool. What the hell are they doing? 

I went in the house and heard screaming. No not that kind of screaming you perverts. I mean angrily shouting screaming. "Martha open this fucking door!" i heard a man shout. It must of been Harry since he's the only guy who's not outside. I sprinted upstairs to see what the fuck was going on. 

"Harry you're scaring her----" Mahi said but i cut her off. "What the hell is all the screaming?" i asked. "Um nothing" Harry said after looking at Mahi then Martha's room. What has that boy done? 

"Martha sweetheart you okay? We've been waiting for you for like 20 minutes just to get some towels." i said through the door but there was no answer. "Harry tell me what the fuck happened!" I said getting angry. "Well i kind of got angry and hit her really hard across the face" He said looking down. "YOU DID WHAT YOU MOTHER FUCKING TWAT?!?!??!" i screamed so loud i think i deafed him and Mahi. By now everyone was up here.

"Louis what's wrong?" Eleanor said worried. "HE HIT OUR DAUGHTER!" I screamed trying to punch Harry but Liam and Zayn were holding me back. Good job they're strong. "WHAT?" Everyone screamed horrified. Harry just looked down ashamed. "Why did you do that?" Liam asked while still helping Zayn to pin me back, even though they wanted to hit Harry themselves.  



Oh shit we can't say why Harry hit her, then Niall would know we kissed. "No reason!" I quickly said. "Mahi" Niall said warningly. "I KISSED MAHI OKAY!" Harry soundly outbursts. That twat. "YOU DID WHAT?!" Niall screamed. Know Liam and Zayn had to pin back Niall and Louis from hitting Harry. "What does that have to do with hitting Martha?" Zayn asked. "Because she heard us talking about it and was going to tell Niall! And i got angry at her for hit. Next thing i know i accidentally slapped her!" Harry said. Everyone looked pissed. Especially Niall and Louis. "How could you kiss him Mahi?" Niall asked looking at the the floor crying.  "NIALL IT MEANT NOTHING!" I said trying to grab his hand. "Did you kiss back?!" He asked looking into my eyes.



Niall found out? Oh my gosh. I cannot cope with the shouting anymore. It reminds me of my biological father and Miss Love from the adoption place. I hope the shouting would soon stop.



How could Mahi and Harry do this to me? I can tell by both their faces they're ashamed, and regret it. But i'm to hurt at the moment. "yes i kissed back" She said crying her heart out. "We're over Mahi. Just get out!" I said crying a river and looking into her deep brown eyes. Probably for the last time. "But Niall please don't do this, i love you so much and i know you love me to!" She pleaded looking heart broken. I shook my head and pointed to the stairs. 

She stormed up to Harry and shouted in his face. "I HATE YOU HARROLD! MY LIFE IS NOW RUINED! DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE NIALL? NOW HE'LL NEVER TAKE ME BACK! YOU FUCKING DICK HEAD!" She screamed followed by slapping him. His head turned with the force. "Mahi im so sorry!" he said looking into her eyes. "Sorry doesn't cut it!" She snapped walking away. She took one last look at me and ran down the stairs. 

"YOU HEARTLESS SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed and punched him right in the jaw. Liam and Zayn to late to stop me from doing so.


I can't believe all what i have done. But  think Niall's over reacting a little. We only snogged, it's not like we had sex or anything. He punched me in the jaw, but i deserved it. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" We suddenly heard Martha shout. Okay at least we know she's in there. "WHAT WRONG?!" Liam yelled panicking banging on the door. "STOP SHOUTING, I CAN'T TAKE IT!" She screamed, obviously scared shitless. "Martha open this door!" Zayn yelled. "Guys!" i said. They all turned to look at me. "What?" Niall spat. "After i hit her...she um said she suddenly remembers everything." i said looking at their faces. There jaws were on the floor, even Perrie and El, they still looked scared from all the fighting.  


"Why did she need to get slapped to remember?" Perrie asked reading all our minds. "Maybe the force triggered her memory" Liam said being a smart ass like he is. "It must have been a really hard hit then" Niall said worriedly. "Thats why she's so upset. It reminded her of her real dad and Miss Love from the care home!" i said coming into realization. Oh shit. "Martha do you remember us now?"  "Yes" she whimpered from behind the door. "Can you let me in?" i asked kindly as possible. "NO! YOU MIGHt HIT ME!" she shouted.

"Harry do you realize what you've done?!" i asked clenching my fits, knuckles turning white. He didn't reply. "I'll tell you what you've done! Thanks to you, our 6 months of gaining her trust has gone down the drain! She thinks i'm going to hit her! But i wouldn't because i care and lover her unlike you" i yelled right in his face. "THAT'S IT I'M FUCKING DONE! YOU ALL HATE ME AND MARTHA IS NEVER GOING TO FORGIVE ME. I'M JUST GOING TO LEAVE!  I'LL GO DIE IN HELL WHILE I'M AT HIT!" He shouted back brushing past me. "Harry he didn't mean it!" Liam said worriedly about what Harry would now do.

So was i to be completely honest. "Whatever!" Harry snapped and stormed out. Soon followed by the sound of his ferrari driving away.  



We heard him drive away. i looked at everyone and i could tell everyone was scared of what he would do. We all knew he was going to do something he would regret. But i do actually think Niall over reacted since Mahi and Harry only kissed. Obviously Niall had the right to shout, be angry and dump Mahi. But theres nothing we can do now. I was struck out of my thought s by hearing a loud thud. "MARTHA? YOU OKAY?!" El shouted. There was no reply. "MARTHA!" Louis yelled and started to kick down her door. Zayn grabbed mine and El's hand and he put us behind him, Niall and Liam. I think he could tell me and El were slightly scared. 

Suddenly the bedroom door flew open. She lay in the middle of the floor passed out. Laim walked up to her. "She still breathing!" he said looking slightly relieved. "Okay put her on the bed!" Niall said. Liam picked her up and layed her on the bed carefully. "She's just passed out guys" Louis said. "Wait look at her face!" i said. It was all red and looked liked it stung. A big bruise there all ready. Wow harry can hit pretty hard! "I'm going to kill him!" Louis yelled walking out the room and out the hosue. "LOUIS NO!" Liam Zayn and Niall shouted. "You girls stay in here in case she wakes up, we're going to find Louis!" Niall said hurrying out followed by Zayn and Liam. "Please don't do anything stupid" Eleanor said looking out the window at Louis driving away in his Lamborghini and Niall, Liam and Zayn getting in Liams car and following behind Louis.  Oh shit!

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