Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


32. Chap 32 how do i tell her? and A/N VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE READ!: Hey guys! So in the last week or so i'm not getting any more likes or favorites. I'm getting a few comments but i really would like some more! I really need more readers etc for me to carry on with this story! But in order for me to update i need at least 19 favorites and 17 likes by 24th December! Some more comments would be good to please! I know you can do it guys!  Thanks guys! Love you lots!  :) xxx



Dad and Harry have been helping me prepare for my audition tomorrow afternoon, i can't wait. I've still got the same thought on my mind though......what if i don't get the part! I know i can audition for other movies but i really want this one! 1) because it's my birthday present from Zayn, 2) because i'm a daughters spy, and the spy is played by Michelle Keegan! One of my favorite actresses! (Below is Michelle Keegan!)  



Me and Louis have been helping Martha practice her lines and stuff for the last couple hours, and she is AMAZING! I know she will get the role! Eleanor picked out Martha's outfit for her to wear, just normal clothes though, no costumes or anything.  Basically in the movie Michelle is a spy who gets raped, has Martha, then when Martha is about 10 years old she gets kidnapped. But Michellle is a secret spy so she goes on a mission to find the kidnapper who took Martha! It sounds so good! I can't wait to go to the premier and the cinema to see it! Everyone is talking about it! It's suppose to be the hottest movie of 2013-2014! 




Mum, Dad and me are at the auditions, waiting for my turn. They both said i was awesome when i practiced earlier, so everything should go well! They weren't allowed to watch the proper audition, but that actually made me feel a bit more relaxed! Okay i'm going in now.....wish me luck!



 She's so good if she doesn't get the role i think i'll be more upset then Martha will. We're on our way home now and we will get a call in about an hour to see if she got the role!



They just arrived home so now we just have to wait for the call. Liam, Me, Harry, El, Lou, Zayn and Martha are just sat in the living room waiting for the call. Everyone is so excited. "Hey guys i'm gonna order some pizza for all of us" i said walking to the phone. "Okay!" everyone replied. As soon as i picked up the phone to make the call it started to ring. "MNE!!!!!!" Martha shouted and grabbed the phone of me. Hahahah lol! 



"Hello?"  "Is this Martha Jones?"  "Yes it is"  "Well congratulations you have the role! We will send you the full script through the post and rehearsals start in 3 days at 10am"  "OMG! Thank you bye!"  "Bye"



Once Martha put the phone down she screamed really loudly! Bless her she must be very excited! "Did you get the part" Zayn asked excited!  "Obviously, no shit Malik!"  Louis screamed hitting Zayn on the head with a cushion! "I got the part!!!!!!! I'm gonna die! Omg!" She said jumping about!  "YAY! Congratulations!" Every said. "Group hug!" me and Eleanor said!

 *WHAT ABOUT US?! WATCHA DOING TO MY HEAD?!" My phone blurted out really loud. "That's your ringtone?" Niall asked me.  "Yeah, since my girlfriend IS in The Saturdays, who sings that song!" i said walking out the room to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked. I didn't even look at the caller ID. "Hi Liam it's Simon"  "Hey uncle Si! What's up?"  "Well i'm sorry for telling you this a bit late, but your going on a world tour for 6 months on the 26th December, your opening act will be Little Mix"  "WHAT? What about Martha and our girlfriends? Apart from Zayn because Perrie is IN Little Mix" i said in a panic. "They can all come with you guys"  "Okay, but Martha has one of the main parts in 'The Spy In Me' so what should we do?"  i asked worried. "REALLY? That will be great for publicity. But she can either stay there or go with you on the tour"  "Okay, when shall i let you know what she's going to  do?"  "By the 24th"  "Okay, thanks Simon Bye"  "Bye". I hung up and stared at the wall. If she doesn't come with us she won't see us and Louis for 6 months, but if she does come she won't get the amazing chance to be in the movie. I need to call a band meeting. 

I walked into the living room and Martha was just about to go to bed. "Night guys"  "Night Martha" everyone said and then she went upstairs. "Guys band meeting now, you to Eleanor!"  i said really seriously. "Okay so whats up?" Zayn asked me. "I just got a call from Simon and we're going on world tour"



"We're going on a world tour"  "Little Mix is the opening act!" Liam said all sad.Why is he upset?  "Hooray!" Everyone shouted (Especially Zayn) but Liam. "I think your missing the point. We're going for 6 months. You can all bring your girlfriends, but what about Martha? She either comes with us and misses her chance to be in the movie everyone is talking about, or she stays here, does the movie, but she wont see us for 6 months" Liam said, more to El and me. "Oh my god!" El said crying! "I can't go without my daughter for 6 fucking months! She's only been here about 2 weeks" i said, not loudly because i don't want to wake Martha up! "I'm going to stick by her, and if she wants to stay here, i will stay to!" El said. That's fair enough. I would be kind of bad if we went away for 6 months without Martha and her mum wasn't even with her. "So now we just got to tell her...." Harry said crying. "I will tell her in the morning. But how does she decide?" I said quietly.



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