Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


12. Chap 12: WHY DO IT AGAIN?



It's been weeks now since I have been back at the orphanage. I'm getting abused all the time, for no reason at all. One Direction are going on tour in about 2 weeks, they're living the dream. I would still love to be an famous actress, but i doubt that will happen. I'm still cutting, i can't help it. I've tried to stop but it feels impossible. I can't cope anymore i'm going out of my mind, i'm so stressed for a 9 year old. Mrs Love hates me so much she's sent me outside in the storm to do the garden. What is the point? It's raining for gods sake!!!!!!



It's has been a few weeks since we saw Martha last. Perrie, Eleanor and Mahi have been around alot though. No-one really mentions her, as it makes us all upset. If you're wondering why we all care so much, it's because it's our fault she got into that state. I really want to see her again.



I was sat texting Eleanor (my girlfriend) and i went to get a snack from the kitchen, as i waled into the kitchen Harry said "LouLou can you please go to the shops and get me some more chicken?"  "Okay fine." I couldn't be bothered but i wasn't really doing anything anyway. So i got into my car and started driving down the street when i saw....................



I've been doing the gardening for ages now, maybe a couple hours. Theirs thunder and lightning and pouring rain. I'm cold, tired, freezing and miserable. You know what. I'm going on a walk, not as if anyone would notice. It's dark out and it's November anyway. I think it's around 7pm now. I'm still freezing i'm only wearing a t-shirt and a thin little jumper. 

I've been walking for about 30 minutes now, suddenly someone grabbed me and put me in their car and put a cloth over my face, it had powder in it. Thats the last thing i remember.....



So i was driving back from the shops when i saw a little girl walking down the road. She looked miserable and freezing. What is it with kids on the streets? I looked more closely and noticed it was..........MARTHA?? I stopped the car about 10 meters away, thank god she didn't notice me. I rang Zayn and told him to bring me some chloroform so i could knock her out. He was now on his way so i was waiting in the car for him. Wow we would of now kidnapped her twice, but i know she wouldn't just come with us willingly. 



So Louis rang me and said that he found Martha, he told me to bring chloroform so we could knock her out. Harsh but it works. A few minutes later i pulled up next to Louis. "You ready mate?" I asked him.  "Yep" he said. 



We both slowly crept up to Martha, she was very unaware of our presence. Suddenly we both grabbed her, and Zayn put her over his shoulder. She couldn't see us because of all the rain. Zayn put her in the back of his car, put the cloth with chloroform over her face then she was in a deep sleep. Hopefully for a couple hours. I got back into my car and we drove home. I was behind Zayn so i could see into the back of his car, in-case of an emergency. 

About 10 minutes later we got back to the house. Zayn carried her bridal style to the kitchen where all the other lads were.



Niall, harry and me were sat int he kitchen wondering where Louis and Zayn were. Louis went out for chicken about an hour ago and Zayn just randomly left, i hope they're ok. All of a sudden they both walked in with a unconscious girl in Zayn's arms. All 3 of us were shocked, Louis and Zayn looked a bit guilty. I looked more closely and realized it was Martha. WAIT WHAT? How did they even find her.  "Where the hell did you find her?" Harry spoke.  "I was just about to drive past her, so i called Zayn and we kidnapped her....again"  Louis replied.  "Okay but why is she unconscious?" I asked them. "We may have put chloroform in a cloth, then put that cloth in her face."  Zayn said.  "WHAT? WHY?" Harry shouted. "Because we knew she would try to run away or something." Zayn said. 



I took Martha and was about to take her upstairs when he said "Uhhhh guys, she's soaking wet shouldn't we change her?" We couldn't just leave her like this. "Ummmm i guess, just leave her underwear and put her in sweatpants and one of your t-shirts, i'll help" Harry said. So we took her upstairs and layed her on my bed. I got out sweatpants and a t-shirt while harry was undressing her. Well this was very awkward. "If she was awake right now she would kill us" Harry said while removing her top.She wasn't wearing a bra, but she was so small she didn't even have any boobs anyways. We finished changing her and left her there, but we locked the door. Fuck knows what she'll be like when she wakes up!



I woke up in a comfy bed, and i was dry and warm. What? Last thing i remember is taking a walk in the rain then.................being kidnapped and they made me unconscious. And i was now wearing different clothes..........THEY CHANGED ME? I'm not even wearing a bra! (Don't judge me i live in an orphanage, there is like no clothes, and i have no money to but some) OMG! They basically saw me naked. I wonder who kidnapped me. Okay both times I've walked alone in the streets I've been kidnapped. But everything happens for a reason right?I got up and started to bang on the door since it was locked. "LET ME OUT!" I screamed, then i heard running up the stairs.



So after me and Niall changed her, we went downstairs and all started to play truth or dare, since it would be a couple hours till she woke up. "Harry i dare you to open the door and shout only in your underwear i love pussy's!" Louis said. Obviously he would say that. But i always do my dare, so i did it and all the lads were laughing their asses off. "OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!" Liam said while laughing on the floor, practically dying with the other boys. Then we heard shouting and banging from Nialls room. LOL that sound wrong ;) She must of woken up, well she has been out for around 3 hours. We all ran up the stairs and opened the door. As soon a she saw us she stopped dead in her tracks. None of us really knew what to say. She shoved us out the way and was trying to break down the front door. Louis grabbed her and did a fireman's lift and carried her to the living room. "DON'T TRY TO ESCAPE!" He shouted. Now she looked petrified. "Why do you keep kidnapping me?" She whimpered.  "Because we do!" I shot back,we needed to make her scared so she would listen and not try to escape. We didn't really have neighbors anyway since we lived in a mansion.  




After a few minutes of silence i said, "we have a plan to adopt you"  "I know, i could hear in my coma!" She spat back. "Do you want to be adopted by us?" Louis asked. "No, but it's better than hell at the orphanage, and anyway i don't get a choice!" She replied. "Well we're going to adopt you, so you better start being a directioner again!" Harry said. "Okay so in the morning we are going to take you back to  the orphanage and give you a camera. Put it on in your room, and then it will record you being abused, we will show it to our managers and then we will adopt you" I said, very proud about my plan. She just nodded back, I  know we can get her to like us again. "For now you can sleep with me" Harry spoke.  "N-no t-than-nks i'll sle-eeep on the cou-uch" She stuttered.  "No you will come with me!" Harry answered. She wouldn't though so in the end Harry carried her into his room. "Night lads!" He called. So after that we all went to bed.



So Harry carried me into his room and put me on his bed. He then took some clothes and went in his bathroom to change. I decided to stay where i was, because i knew i had no chance of escape and i was to tired. He came back minutes later and we both layed under the covers i moved away as far as possible from him, he noticed this so he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close as possible. "Night Martha" He said. Then we both fell into a deep sleep.........



Hey guys, so i hope you like my story. I will only carry on if i get more likes, comments and favorites because otherwise there is no point carrying on with the story. Please let me know what you think as it helps me write. No hate please! love you guys xx

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