Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


40. An Ireland Forest!

AN: Hey guys so i just want to say thank you for the really sweet comments. They really make me smile, especially since this is my first movella. Btw i just want to remind you that Martha was kidnapped to Ireland (in case you forgot) and you will need to remember that to understand this chapter. So please keep reading and stuff. Thanks guys love you all! xxx


MARTHA'S REAL DAD POV (Bet you weren't expecting that hahaha lol!) It's been a couple hours since i left that bitch alone. She's most likely dead now. I don't care she doesn't deserve happiness. If she's dead i'll have to dump her somewhere. Hopefully know one will look for her here in Ireland, since she was on tour with those gay shits in America. She still lives in England though that's why i didn't take her there.


MARTHA POV I can't move, breath properly or anything. I'm trapped. My whole life started to replay in my head. Is this what death feels like? If i'm dead it means i don't have t face that monster who's my real dad, but i want to see Louis (who i consider my new dad) and the others again.


LOUIS POV We're all so upset about Martha gone that we came home from tour early. But instead of going back to the house we shared we all went to our home towns. Harry went to Cheshire, Zayn went to Bradford, Liam went to Wolverhampton, I went to Doncaster and Niall went back to Ireland. Oh god i can't even think straight right now. I wonder whats happening to her now. The police are working on the case, but haven't found a clue to where they are. They could be anywhere in the world right now. What if she's dead? No don't think like that Louis she stronger than that. I hope so anyway....


MARTHA'S REAL DAD POV I slammed the front door shut and saw the piece of shit on the floor in exactly the same place as when i left her. I marched up to her to feel a pulse. There is one but it's hardly beating at all. She'll probably die in the next hour or so. Might as well dumb her body somewhere. I'm not getting arrested. I threw her over my shoulder and threw her in my van. "Hey Martha lets go take a trip to a forest somewhere" I smirked and drove off. Hahahha now that bitch will get what she deserves!


NIALL POV Me and Mahi have just had an argument because i got drunk last night. I don't really see the problem with that. She got mad because i drove home drunk, which i understand why she's pissed at me. I just wanted to drown away my worry about Martha. I miss her sooooooooooooooooo much, she was like my daughter. Whenever i close my eyes i think of her. I want to help, but there's nothing i can do. Louis is taking this the worst i think, since hes kinda her dad now. Oh if you're wondering Mahi came back to Ireland with me. I thought might as well since she's my girlfriend and she's never been to Ireland before. I'm walking around right now trying to clear my head. I've only been walking around 30 minutes i think. where should i go now? Ummmmm. Well there's a forest over there. It's not that big and looks deserted. Screw it i wan to explore it. Lol i sound like a 10 year old.


MARTHA'S REAL DAD POV I picked up the whore in the back of my van and walked through the forest trying to find a place to put her. After 10 minutes of walking i found a ditch. This place looked deserted any way so oh well. I threw her off my shoulder and onto the ground. I better run just in case anyone saw me. MARTHA POV I felt myself being thrown onto a hard ground that was slightly damp. Okay so mabey i'm not dead? I tried to open my eyes but it was no use. I guess finally i couldn't handle all the abuse. I'm still trying to hang on though. For Louis, El, Harry, Niall, Mahi, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Mollie, Jade, Frankie, Jesy, Vanessa, Rochelle, Una and Leigh Anne. They're all i have to live for i guess. C'mon Martha keep trying, you can fight through this!



I've been walking for around 10 minutes now. I found a tree trump and decided to sit on it. Because of being on tour all the time and things like that i don't really get time to sit down and look at the outside surroundings. This such a beautiful forest, why does know one ever come here? I should come here more often. Hey what's that in that ditch over there? A large animal? No is it a person i think. I better go help them. I ran over and looked at the person. They looked familiar. I turned them over so i could see there face and OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "MARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. I was happy because i found her but crying hysterically because she wasn't breathing hardly at all. She could die any minute. She looked like she had a broken leg, and a lot of other serious injuries! "MARTHA CAN YOU HEAR ME!" I shouted trying to pump her heart. I even tried to give her mouth to mouth. It wasn't kissing god no she's like my daughter! 

"HELLO?" I yelled into my phone hen i dialed 999. "Hello what is your problem?" A women on he phone asked. "MY FRIENDS ADOPTED DAUGHTER WAS KIDNAPPED AND I FOUND HER AND SHE'S DYING HELP ME!" I cried and yelled into the phone. "Okay sir we are coming to help, we have tracked your location!" The women said worried. "Okay thank you please hurry!" i cried and hung up. What are the guys going to say? I better ring Louis. 


I was having dinner with my family and saw it was Niall. I answered and everyone went quite so i could hear him. "What's up Ni---" I got cut off by him screaming. "MARTHA I FOUND HER HERE IN IRELAND! SHE'S HARDLY BREATHING YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW!!!!!" He cried. "WHAT? OKAY I'M BOOKING THE FIRST FLIGHT THERE I'LL CALL THE OTHERS!!" I yelled and hung up. I know this wasn't a joke Niall never lies. And why would he lie about something like this anyway? "Hun whats wrong?" My mother asked worried. "MARTHA SHE'S DYING!!" I screamed and ran to go book the closest time ticket to Ireland. 


I hung up the phone and started pumping Martha's chest again. "Stay we me please!" I cried and hugged her tight. If she doesn't make it i don't know what we'll do!

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