If Only I Could Change The World in 1000 Words

There was never any promise made that the world would be perfect, or that life would be easy, or that just because you treat others right you will be treated right back. And there is no one book that can be written, no one move that can be made, no one person that could speak up to change every human heart and change the very fabric of the human nature. But if I could only change the world in 1000 words, I would start from the very core of the Human Enigma - greed.


1. The Five Letter Word

There are so many things in life that just aren't right - hypocrisy, fear, murder, rape, cheaters, liars; the list goes on and on. But I've chosen to chronicle what underlies it all - greed, the five letter word with a meaning far beyond "excessive desire for wealth or possessions". Although that is the dictionary definition, the consequences of human greed resonate far beyond the comparison of mansions to apartments, of Porsches to Hondas. Chances are, we all have a bit of a greedy streak. But most of us are painfully unaware of the toll gluttony takes on not only us, but our neighbors, our families, our friends, and the world at large.  We've all heard the phrase "Ignorance is bliss", and I'll give you this: If you can throw open your window every morning and smell the roses without ever catching a whiff of skunk, you're ignorant - and probably lucky. 

By that, I obviously don't mean to advocate being blissfully blind to the greed - alternatively, I mean to show how much stress the issue of the Human Enigma puts on those of us who are really attuned to it. The Human Enigma - that's what I've decided to call the twisted and amazingly senseless human nature. Human nature puts this natural instinct inside each and every one of us to eat, sleep, drink, reproduce; and to be on top, be the best, have it all, no matter what the cost. But how would we react if the only way to be the best was to do the right thing, to truly take the high road without question? Thanks to the never-ending maze that is our nature, we will usually take the easy way, the way that hurts others, the way that looks the best on the outside but is the most damaging on the inside.

Another branch of the Human Enigma that stems from greed is our hypocrisy - we will tell others that the best way to live is to be kind, a good friend, a hardworking person, and then we will turn around and break our promises, show concern only for ourselves, and put in only a half-hearted effort if any at all.  This branch reaches even to the way that we say we have one motive, while really we have another in mind and heart. There are so many examples of this problem - I would go so far as to say that one of these examples is the giving of charity for our own individual salvation. Being charitable and hospitable just to better our image or buy our way into heaven is a poignant example of greediness. Greed is often hidden and not obvious, and it comes naturally. How can we destroy something that we are all, honestly, capable of and prone to? 

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