If Only I Could Change The World in 1000 Words

There was never any promise made that the world would be perfect, or that life would be easy, or that just because you treat others right you will be treated right back. And there is no one book that can be written, no one move that can be made, no one person that could speak up to change every human heart and change the very fabric of the human nature. But if I could only change the world in 1000 words, I would start from the very core of the Human Enigma - greed.


2. Join the Club

Even though it's what is usually preached, living without many possessions isn't the best way in which to battle greed. Of course, conspicuously hoarding potentially useless items is a show of ravenous consumption and an arousal to jealousy for those with less, but wouldn't it be more prudent to beat the problem at its root? Contrary to what you might think, the greediest person isn't always the one with the mansion on the water, or everything Gucci, or the one who got those expensive tickets to a supposedly sold-out show and is now parading them all over the internet. Sometimes the greediest people are the ones who take advantage of others every chance they get, even if it means minimal gain for themselves. They may be the "starving artists" of greed; they are enjoying watching others get jealous of every little thing that they win, even if that little thing is minuscule. 


So how can we blow greed off the face of the earth? Sad to say, we can't. But there is something major we can do to lessen it and to improve not only the lives of others, but our own lives. If you chew on the thought of greed for a bit, you will probably come to the conclusion that it is fundamentally the result of a long history of individualism, the ugly flower that grows from a lack of thought for the humanity of others, and a lack of opportunity to walk in one another's shoes. If we want to kill the ugly growth, we can simply come together in the realization that we are all made of the same flesh, blood, and sinews. We can "join the club", so to say, of people who are just like us.  After all, there will always be someone a step ahead of us and a step behind us, but in the same light, there are millions of people matching us stride for stride. 

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