Once upon a time

When skylar meets the love of her life Brett she hangs around with him 24/7 but is she leaving but is she leaving her three beat friends in the world behind but she has to make a discion is she going to break up with Brett or leave all her BFFs 4ever behind

Which will it be???????


1. New city's again and again

One windy September night Skylar was writing an essay for history class she only started this new school as what happened in New York .If you want to now what happened it was Skylar's mom she died in a car crash since that they left for California and they have never set foot in New York again the thing is this happened two years ago when Skylar was 14 but her dad is an architect so he moves really quickly,2 weeks ago they were in Texas now they're in California it all seems so different they have only been her 3 days and Skylar has  already started school.Skylar wishes her old friends were here , Sierra and Kayla she even almost had a boyfriend Kai but now they're in California , she does have her eye on one boy though his name is Brett but he is captin of the football team and he already has a girlfriend Laila head cheerleader tryouts are tomorrow so Skylar is going to try to get into the team so Brett realises how sporty she is in her old school she was on the gymnastics team and she was more of the teachers then mrs Bonibee so yeah she is definitely gonna try to get in


"Dinner Sky!" Mr Jacobs with a low pitched voice exclaimed

" What is it dad?"Skylar exclaimed back

"Burnt pizza"the low voice shouted again

"Ugh."Skylar thought

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