Once upon a time

When skylar meets the love of her life Brett she hangs around with him 24/7 but is she leaving but is she leaving her three beat friends in the world behind but she has to make a discion is she going to break up with Brett or leave all her BFFs 4ever behind

Which will it be???????


5. new BFF

September 5th

So I have a new boyfriend Brett and I really can't leave his side I am either snuggling close beside him or texting him we have cheerleading practise soon and I got the app hakers for my phone so I am checking it now I wrote a comment last night about a girls break up story and she absolutely hates me now I think her name was Chelsea but I could care less of what she thinks of me Ariana just text me "were r u sky" I wrote back " my locker why " she wrote back "there is someone here for u" "wat" I replied so I rushed to Ariana's locker it was just Ariana with her phone she signed up for hakers last night too and there was nasty comments on my page everyone was saying stuff like "what would u know about a breakup you have never had one" and " I can get a boyfriend in less than a second and you can't get one in less than a year wow" I couldn't take it any more. At Lunch I sat at Brett's table but I totally forgot about Ariana and the girls I think they were a bit angry but I really couldn't tell the ignored me for the rest of the day. I don't know why!!!!!

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