Once upon a time

When skylar meets the love of her life Brett she hangs around with him 24/7 but is she leaving but is she leaving her three beat friends in the world behind but she has to make a discion is she going to break up with Brett or leave all her BFFs 4ever behind

Which will it be???????


3. being popular ( well trying)

September 4th 2013

So yeah today is the big day the popularity test I hope I pass it the only one bad subject is popularity I get full marks in all my other tests so I hope I get full marks in this one. Ariana,Peyton and Bella are trying out with me I just changed into my gym stuff hiding in the toilet writing but Ariana asked me to come out ( she is my best friend I can't help it) so my number was just called and they are going to throw me in the air so Ariana is going to write for me .HERE WE GO!!!!!. Hi I'm Ariana the friends so she is on the guys foot, she is been thrown in the air and does a backflip in the air and lands I think my sis just nodded so good luck to her it is my go so Peyton is going to write . Hi I am Peyton I like giraffes and cheerleading go bulls. Hi I am Bella the smart one oops got to go ... uuughhh the just destroyed my DIARY I am going to kill those girls uuuugghh anyway I have to get to class the popularity test results are going after lunch oohhhh wish me good luck!!!!!


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