♦The Doctor Is Dying♦

The Doctor dies and starts to regenerate, as usual. This time with Clara by his side. But something very stange and highly unusual happens, as the Doctor sees his new skin.


1. Prologue - "The Doctor Dies"

It only took a moment. And everything froze.

"The Doctor's been shot! He's dying!", people yelled.

I couldn't move. It took him down.

And now, he was dying. I was helpless.

There was no way, he was gonna make his way out of this.

He was dying, and no one could do anything.

couldn't do anything.




"Doctor!", I yelled as loud as I could, running towards him. But he raised his hand, as to tell me to stop,

"Please!", I felt the tears run down my cheeks, as he looked into my eyes, smiling,

"I-it's ok-kay..", he mumled,

"Okay? You're dying! Nothing's okay!", I cried,

"Trust m-me.", he said, "I-I'm a.. D-doctor...", he smiled.

Slowly, he tried to stand up, holding on to the Tardis, as he grabbed the handle and opened the door, to fall inside.

I followed him,  closed the Tardis door behind us, and almost carried him to the control panel, at the centre of the room.

"So, this is it? You're just dying away from me?", I cried silently,

"Of course not, Clara. I'm not gonna die.. But.. You won't see me again. Well, you will see 'me' again just not.. Me.", he said, leaving me with no clue of what he was talking about,

"What? I'll see you, but not you?", I was scared and confused, 

"Just-t.. Tru-ust m-me, Clara. It'll be al-lright", his smile faded, and my tears ran further, and he closed his eyes, in a last breath.

He was dead. He'd left me. And now he was gone? Just like that?..

For a moment I stayed there; hoping he'd wake again. Cheat death and find a way to come back to me. But he didn't.

I stood up, dryed my eyes, turned around, and walked slowly out of the Tardis.

But as I grabbed the doorknob, I heard a sound, that made me look over my shoulder.

It was him. He was standing up, smiling at me, crying.

"You've been amazing, Clara. And I can't wait for you to see the new me", he said. He wasn't weakened anymore. He spoke normally.

"What?.. I thought you were dead?", I turned to him,

"I am. But in a moment, I'll be reborn.", he smiled, "Sit back, and enjoy the show,".

And then it started.

Some sort of yellow stardust started flowing out of him, and the whole Tardis was shaking.

I almost fell backwards, as the beautiful, yet scary dust exploded from his head, arms and legs.

It was impossible, but still... I was witnessing it.

I had no idea, what was going on, I just knew, the Doctor was changing. Like he'd said. And it was terrifying.

"Doctor! What's happening?!", I yelled, with no answer.


It went on for minutes, and I think he was screaming. It hurt. Seeing him like that.

And then, all of a sudden, the 'magical' stardust, flew all around him, and started making its way to me. It slowly came closer, and my heartbeat raised.

Now I understood why he screamed. The moment, the dust touched me, I felt the most intense pain, I'd ever felt. And damn, it hurt.

Then the Doctor stopped screaming, but I couldn't see him. I couldn't even open my eyes. So much pain.

"Clara!", he yelled, but his voice was different. A lot different. Actually, if I didn't know him, I'd have thought, it was a girl, yelling.

I wasn't able to reply. Not yet.

Clearly, the Doctor knew, what was going on with me. I just didn't. And it scared the living hell out of me.

Then it stopped. The yellow dust faded, and for a moment, everything was different. My whole body felt weird. Like I wasn't me; like I was someone else. And I was pretty sure, it wasn't a girl's body..

"Clara!", the Doctor yelled again, and as I looked at him, I burst into laughter. He was a girl. He really had changed. Gender and everything!

"Doctor.. I'm sorry to say, but.. You're a girl!", I laughed, but he just kept looking at me, like I was a ghost,

"What? What is it?", I said,

"I might be a girl.. But.. Clara, you're me..", he said, still confused. And so was I.

"Y.... I'm you?", I touched my face, then my hair, and my torso. I was definetly a man. But him?

He nodded, and ran off  further into the Tardis,

"Where are you going? Doctor!", I yelled as he diappared down a staircase. Two minutes later, he came back with a mirror, and held it up in front of me.

I really was him. Face, hair, body, everything was exactly like he was. Well, like he was before.. Now, he was a girl.

So I took the mirror, turned it around and held it in front of him. He was more suprised than me. He almost screamed.

"I'm Rose!", he said,

"Rose? Who's Rose?", I asked, but he just ran to the control panel and clicked a lot of random buttons, and pulled a lot of random levers, like usual.

"Doctor!", I yelled, and he looked at me,

"Who's Rose?", I asked again,

"Uh.. Rose Tyler.. She was this girl, I knew once," he said, and smiled at the ceiling for a moment before returing to the button clicking and lever pulling, "But she's gone now..", he said,

"Gone?.. As in...Dead?", I moved closer,

"Oh no, no. God no. She's with her mom. In a parallel universe. She's not dead, no", he didn't look at me,

"Was she your.. Companion? Back then?", I asked,

"Hmm.. I don't know, if you can say that.. She travelled with me for a while..", he said.

Yeah, that's a companion in your world, dumbass.

"When was the last time you saw her?", I smiled,

"A very long time ago.. Or, you know, right now. In the mirror", he said. It felt weird. Thinking about him travelling with someone else.. Not like jealous. Just weird.. Well, yeah, jealous.

"Did you...", I started, but decided not to end that sentence,

"What?", he smiled, probably still thinking about Rose.. Really?.. I knew Amy.. And then there was Rose.. How many 'companions' had he had?

"Nothing", I said, and tried to smile like him, but he didn't notice. He didn't even care. He just looked at the contol panel.

"Clara," he said, and looked at me,

"What?", I said, a little too annoyed. He started to walk in my direction,

"What?", I asked again, as he came close, and then hugged me,

"Don't be jealous.", he said, with his head burried in my shoulder, "And by the way, you look really good", he laughed, and I coulnd't help but laugh either.

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