Being Famous

Justin Drew Bieber is the biggest teen pop-sensation of this time, although, no-one really knows the truth about how he's feeling. He always puts on a brave face for his fans and the media, but deep down, no-one knows how he feels.

Depressed and lonely is all Justin can remember feeling. Can Alice bring back the old Justin?

<Justin Biebers point of view>

Can Alice bring back Kidrauhl?


2. Lifesaver

Looking around the arena I can see all of my fans, all of my beliebers. Everyone thinks its strange because I say there mine... well... they are mine. Each and everyone one of them has helped me in a different way, and if I could, I would spend at least an hour with each and everyone of my beliebers. If I'm honest... they're the only thing that keeps me going...that keeps me staying in the business. 

For some reason, this meet and greet seemed strange. There was something about these beliebers that made me get butterflies. And I was soon to find out why...


After meeting around 18 girls and the occasional boy I had a little break. I was really thirsty and I wanted to sit for a little while. I was standing waiting for the next fan to come through when Alfredo tapped me on my shoulder. 

'do you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you feel like some things about to change...or is it just me?'

'no, I feel the same bro, but I can't figure out why'

I heard faint sobs coming from the curtain so I turned around to see this beautiful brown haired, blue eyed girl. She looked about 18 and you could tell she was crying.


'hey sweetie, how you doing?'   I asked her, trying to get her to calm down. I pulled her into a hug. That's when I felt the small bumps on her wrist. I lifted her hand up and turned it over and I was given the evidence to prove what I had been thinking. She used to cut.


'why?...'   I looked into her eyes as the tears slid down her face, her bottom lip was quivering indicating she was going to burst into tears. I pulled her into a hug and the camera man took a photo. I kissed her wrist before looking into her eyes


'I want you to tell me okay? I have a little free time before the concert, so I'm going to get Alfredo to take you to my dressing room okay and we can have a talk. Would you like that?'    she nodded and I pulled her back into a hug.


'Thank you Justin...for everything'  She walked out the room with Fredo, leaving me confused. It wasn't until later that I found out why she was thanking me.



'okay, Alice, do you feel like your ready to talk?'   me and Alice had been sat in my dressing room for around half an hour just getting to know each other. I learned that she was belieber ever since the video I posted on you-tube of me singing 'I'll Be' in 2007. She was 18 years old and has seen me in concert once. She practically knew everything about me so we talked about her. 

she slowly nodded before telling me her story:

'it all started around 4 years ago. I got bullied quite a lot in school and  didn't really have any friends. my family hated me and I got kicked out on the streets. I met this girl, Sophie, she was new to school and her parents let me stay with them. I had always considered cutting because I had heard that it took away the pain but I had never tried...that was until Sophie was in a car accident. she was 16. I had been living with her family for 2 years and she was basically my sister. she was on her way to her boyfriends house when a car came out of no-where and hit her. she died instantly. that was the breaking point I think. I would lock myself in her room and wear her clothes. I wouldn't eat or drink. I didn't even cry. it didn't seem real. one day, I just go so mad at myself and I smashed a photograph of us. the glass shattered and I just picked up the first piece and cut my wrist. the disappeared...I was more focused on the pain in my arm than the pain in my heart. I would cut every couple of days from that day on. that was until I  seen you in concert for the first time last year. you sang the song that made me fall in  love with you. you made me feel so special and so wanted and so loved and i knew that what I was doing would kill you so I stopped. I promised myself I would never cut again because you would tell me to stop. every time I had the urge to cut, your music would help me fight it. so for that Justin... thank you. my worth is now worth living'


in the middle of this we had both started crying. I didn't know what to say so I pulled her into a hug. we sat hugging for a while in silence. it was nice. I never knew this day would change my life... but in that moment...I knew I had a job to do.


I had to make myself better.


I had to stand up for myself against the media.


I had to make each and every one of my beliebers feel special.


I had to show them life was worth living. 


and most of all..




I had to show them how thankful I was that they saved my life.... just like I had saved Alice's. 

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