Being Famous

Justin Drew Bieber is the biggest teen pop-sensation of this time, although, no-one really knows the truth about how he's feeling. He always puts on a brave face for his fans and the media, but deep down, no-one knows how he feels.

Depressed and lonely is all Justin can remember feeling. Can Alice bring back the old Justin?

<Justin Biebers point of view>

Can Alice bring back Kidrauhl?


3. Heartbreaker

Breakups are hard. Its even worse when you truly believed that one person was going to be the person you would spend the rest of your life with..marry...start a family with. Mine and Selena's relationship had always been difficult, but we made it work. We visited each other as much as we could, we went on vacations, we were best-friends. But things change...people change. I guess nothing really lasts forever. 


After meeting Alice 5 days ago, I have been in regular contact with her. We exchanged phone numbers and have been texting ever since. I haven't left my hotel room yet. I don't want to. Even though I'm on the top floor, I can still hear all the paparazzi outside shouting things at me. Walking over to my backpack, I took out my music journal. This thing is private. No-one knows about this apart from me. While being on tour, a lot of things have hurt me, so instead of taking my anger out on the media or the fans or the people around me, I turn it into a song. 


I sat on my bed and read over the lyrics that I has already written;


girl you don't know how I feel, since you've been away, oh baby 

any chance that you could take my call, if i got you today, oh 

girl you say, that you don't wanna talk, but its cool,

been thinking 'bout you all day long, hoping you pick up phone 

girl you know, that I, don't wanna loose your love, oh baby...


I sang them over and over again, thinking of the memories I shared with selena..


oh girl I got a secret place that we could go, cause I really wanna be alone

baby no-body else gotta know, just meet me later on the low


thinking of the way she made me feel...


don't tell me your my heart breaker, cause girl my hearts breaking


and the rest just came out of nowhere....




I put my heart and soul into recording this song. I wanted to make my beliebers proud, I wanted them to know that none of this was there fault. I sang the last line and pulled away from the mike, breathing heavily. I unscrewed the cap to my water bottle and took large gulps.

'yo Justin! that was crazy man! you really worked your ass of this time and you can tell. you record and wrote the song in less than 48 hours! man that has to be a new record. you should be proud man.'


I walked through into the listening area of the booth to hear the song. Alfredo was right. you could tell how much this song means to me.

'so wanna go out and celebrate?'


'nahh, I'm good, thanks Fredo'  I looked up from my phone and looked at him, shaking his head.


'no? Justin, you just record and wrote a song in less than 48 hours, don't you want to celebrate your accomplishment? that's a big thing man! your music is starting to reflect how you feel. be proud! don't just sit here and think about what might have been Justin. celebrate!'


'how can I?!'    I was now getting angry.     'how can I do anything when everything I do gets put under a microscope? even why I try to do good, the media find a flaw! I can't celebrate when the media is constantly up my ass Fredo! I cant go out! no matter what I do, there is always something bad that comes along with it and i cant deal with it any more! I...just... cant live like this any more Fredo. I want to be the old me...'


Alfredo knew that everything  I  had just said was right. he simply nodded and hung his head before leaving the studio.


'I'll be at the hotel if you need anything'


that was the last thing he said before leaving.



I decided to get a second opinion on the song. I  took my phone out my pocket and pressed the call button next to Alice's name. after about 5 rings, she answered.

'hey Alice, its me Justin'


'hey Justin! what's up?'


'I was wondering if I could get your opinion on a new song I've just recorded, can I come pick you up? bring you to the recording studio?'


'umm, yeah sure! I would love to. ill text you the address.'


'okay, see you soon'


'see ya'


stood up and made my way out to my car. for once, there was no paps outside. it wont last for long though. ill be driving down the street and they'll spot the car. oh well, it'll be good while it lasts.


Alice hadn't took her eyes off the screen. tears were rolling down her cheeks. the song had finished and she hadn't moved. I was about to speak when Alice turned and looked at me, tears ready to fall.


'is this how you feel? this is what Selena made you feel like? Justin.. I am so sorry. I never knew it was this bad. this song...this song is one in a million, you know that right? its so powerful and relateable. Justin you have to release it. you have to let the others hear it. we trust you know? us beliebers. we trust you and stand by you every step of the way. thats' how you can tell who the true beliebers are'.


I smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. 

'yino, I'm glad I met you Alice. you always know the right things to say. how about i take you for some ice-cream and we head back to my hotel. I'll release heartbreaker in the morning.'

she nodded and we made our way over to my car. I sent out a tweet before shutting my phone off and driving to go get ice cream with Alice. 



"@justinbieber: new song out tomorrow. #heartbreaker .  i trust u guys. #musicjournals."






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