I Need You (Calum Hood)

Ruby has to move to another place with her horrible family. She doesn't know that a boy over there is going to change her life. a boy. a black haired boy


2. Weak



As I walk upstairs, I go into my room, the smallest of course. The only things are a bed and a small closet. White walls. White closet. Way to boring. I grab the bag with posters and I start putting them on the walls while listening to Fall Out Boy. When I’m finally done after about 30 minutes I decide to walk downstairs trying to find something to paint my closet. I can’t find anything. Sigh. I just go buy something in the store than. I walk upstairs to grab my wallet but then I hear something in my room. I walk into my room and see my sister standing there, half of my posters are disappeared from the walls and lay on the floor in pieces. My sister walks out my room with this evil smirk. Without even thinking I push her against the wall and scream in her face. ‘’what the fuck did you do!’’

‘’you deserved it, little sister’’ she says and pushes me away so she can walk out of the door. Tears start to fall from my eyes, all these posters were so important to me, that might sound weird but whenever I felt sad I just stared at them and they make me feel better, I’m such a weirdo. I decide I don’t want to be any longer in this house I look around and see that there is an easy way to climb out of my window. I walk toward the window and open it, it’s kinda high. What if I am going to fall? C’mon don’t be a pussy just go. I climb out of the room, not looking down. As I am safe on the ground I grab my skateboard, just in case there is a skate park near this place. Skating makes me feel so free. If I want to leave the place I see my father looking out of the window and making his way towards me. I start running and I hear my father screaming something.  After about 15 minutes of walking I am in this beautiful park and sit on a bench. I search in my pockets and luckily find some earphones. As I put one end in my phone and the other end in my ears I listen to the music. Tears don’t stop falling. Weak. As I am finally so desperate I place my nail on my arm and start scratching, a few times. It just makes me feel better. Sometimes I just grab a pencil and start making holes in my arm. I know it’s weak, it’s like I like the pain. I hate myself. Tears are still falling. I hate myself. I just stare in front of me. ‘’are you okay?’’ I hear someone say. I look straight in the eyes of someone. A boy. A boy with black hair.




Sorry it was short I just wanted to update something. Anyways I hope you guys like it and I promise it’s gonna be a good story. Pinky promise ;D.


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