I Need You (Calum Hood)

Ruby has to move to another place with her horrible family. She doesn't know that a boy over there is going to change her life. a boy. a black haired boy


3. The Black Haired Boy

‘’ehh, yes’’ I say, trying to sound as confident as possible, but my voice is a bit shaky. He sits down next to me on the bench. ‘’you don’t look like you’re okay’’ he says, looking at me worriedly. ‘’thanks’’ I smile and he grins. ‘’so, what’s wrong?’’ he asks. ‘’I said nothing is wrong’’ I say quietly. He raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. ‘’anyways, I’m Calum, Calum Hood and you better go home, because there are lots of bad boys in this place.’’ It was getting dark, maybe I should go home. No wait, I can’t. I stayed away way to long, my dad will get mad, maybe slap me. That never happened before, but someday it will happen, right?. ‘’how do I know you’re not a bad boy?’’ I ask him smiling. ‘’well ermm… bad boys never tell their last names.’’ He says. His cute eyes staring at me. ‘’okay mister Hood. Well my name is Ruby.’’

‘’And your last name?’’ he asks. ‘’bad girls never tell their last names’’ I laugh and he laughs too. ‘’but seriously, you better get home. It’s getting late’’ he says. At that moment I see two dark shadows coming near us. ‘’oi Hood, where have you been?’’ they scream. Calum looking at me scared. ‘’run’’ he whispers. ‘’ohhhh, we see. You’ve got a girlfriend.’’ The other one yells. Calum tries to push me of the bench so we can leave, but the boys are so close and one boy already grips my wrist. I look at Calum. ‘’let her go’’ Calum spits at the boy. The boy has black hair, black jacket, jeans. Not very pretty, looking disgusting actually. ‘’aw, how cute. He tries to protect his girlfriend. What’s her name?’’ the boy asks with this creepy smirk. ‘’that’s none of your business!’’ Calum screams. ‘’my name is Ruby, and I’m not his girlfriend!’’ I spit in his face. One good thing about having a horrible family, you know how to defend yourself. 2 years ago I was at this ‘confidence lessons’ and I learned how to escape if someone holds your wrist. I did what I learned, pulling my arm out of his hands, and kicking him in the balls. As soon as the boys’ strong arm releases me Calum grabs my hand and we start running. After 2 minutes of running, I look behind me, seeing the boys were gone. ‘’they’re gone’’ I say. We stop running and just walk to I don’t know where. I’m putting my hands in my pockets, trying to get warm. It’s getting cold. ‘’you cold?’’ he asks, looking down at me. ‘’nahhh, I’m okay.’’ I lie


‘’I know you are lying’’ he grins as he takes his jacket of and puts it around my shoulders. Can this boy read minds? ‘’oh how cliché’’ I laugh. ‘’so, where do you live, I can drop you off’’ he asks. ‘’oh, ermm. I’m not going home.’’ I say quietly.  ‘’are you sleeping at a friends?” he asks. ‘’no silly, I just moved here. I have no friends.’’ I laugh. ‘’oh yeah, I forgot. Well, where are you going to sleep then?’’ he asks again. ‘’oh ermm, I don’t know actually. I’m going to the park I think.’’ He looks at me shocked. ‘’you don’t have a nice family, do you? Is that why these scars are on your arm?’’ fuck. I should’ve told him I was just going home. And the scars should be gone by now. They disappear after 1 or 2 hours normally. Fuck. I didn’t realise a tear streamed down my face. I quickly wipe it away. ‘’hey, hey, hey. Don’t cry.’’ He hushes as he makes me stop walking. The tears continue falling by now. He wraps his arms around me as I quietly cry in his chest. He strokes my hair. ‘’it will be okay, shhh’’ he says, comforting me. ‘’you just come to my home and we’ll see where you are going to sleep. I live with 3 other boys but they are really nice.’’ He smiles. ‘’I’m not good with boys, they don’t like me.’’ I quietly say into his chest. He probably only does this because he feels bad for me. I’m just one stupid girls. There are kids dying because they have no food and I cry because my family is stupid. Some kids don’t even have a family. I hate myself. ‘’you’re just coming to my house okay, you have no choice. And if the boys will be mean I will make them sleep outside.’’ He grins. I nod slowly.  ‘’and you are not going to walk because we walked enough.’’ He says as he stands in front of me, wanting me to climb on his back. ‘’no no, I’ll just walk, I’m way too heavy.’’ I say, starting to walk. ‘’too heavy? I’d say too skinny’’ he says. Yea, people say that to me a lot. But I kinda like the idea of being skinny. Stupid me. I hate myself. Before I know it he picks me up bridal style. ‘’Calum! Let me goooo!’’ I laugh. ‘’well, if you’re not going to sit on my back, I’ll have to carry you like this.’’ He shrugs. I laugh. ‘’okay, okay. I’ll sit on your back.’’ I laugh. ‘’promise?’’ he asks. ‘’pinky promise!’’ I say, putting my pink in the air. He laughs and puts me on the ground gently before I jump on his back. I smile, oh how happy I am a boy is finally nice to me. Oh how happy I am I made a friend.



Hey, hey there. Thankyouuu if you are reading this. If you worry, it’s not that they are going to end up after 2 chapters and marry and have 5 kids in 4 chapters don’t worry. Anyways, hope you like it. Not many people are reading (yet?) but thank you if you are. I love you.



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