I Need You (Calum Hood)

Ruby has to move to another place with her horrible family. She doesn't know that a boy over there is going to change her life. a boy. a black haired boy


5. Phone Call

I started to dial Autumn’s number. It ringed once, twice. ‘’Ruby where are you!’’ I hear her scream. ‘’hey, I-I’’ I start but tears start to fall. ‘’you okay?’’ I hear her say. ‘’yea, I think’’ I say wiping away the tears and taking a deep breath. ‘’fuck, now my make-up is dead’’ I grin. I hear Autumn laugh at the other side of the phone. ‘’but, where are you?’’ she asks. ‘’we moved to this place. It’s maybe two or three hours away.’’ I say sadly. ‘’YOU MOVED!? Why?’’ ‘’I don’t even know. My parents didn’t tell me anything and I’m in a house with four boys right now.’’ I tell her ‘’four boys? Wowie are they hot? But what about Jordi?’’ I smile and the thought of him. He was this senior boy and I told Autumn one day that I thought he was cute. So every time we see him walking in school we just all get happy and stuff. Yea.. ‘’well, I can’t say they aren’t hot… and Jordi.. you can have him.’’ I laugh. ‘’who is hot?’’ I hear someone say. Looking behind me I see Calum standing there. Fuck. ‘’I’m hot’’ I say as I poke my tongue at him. ‘’who’s that?’’ I hear Autumn say through the phone. ‘’oh that’s Calum, one of the boys.’’ I say. ‘’one of the hot boys?’’ she asks. I hear Calum grin and I grow red. ‘’but ermmm, Autumn, I got to go now, I’ll explain everything to you later okay?’’ ‘’yea, alright. Have fun with the boys. You can’t see I’m winking but I am okay.’’ She says as I laugh. Weird girl ‘’byeeeeee Autumn.’’ ‘’byeeeee’’ As I press the ‘end’ button I sigh. I am gonna miss that girl so damn much. ‘’you alright?’’ Calum asks as he sits on the bed next to me. ‘’yea, I just miss her. And I feel shit for leaving her alone.’’ ‘’I understand’’ he says. ‘’so, this is your room?’’ I ask him, changing the subject because I don’t want to cry in front of him again. ‘’yes, it is’’ he says proudly and I stand up to look around. I walk through the room, finding some shirts on the ground but it’s tiny for a boy’s room. I think. Never been in boys’ rooms much. I see a black and white guitar standing in the corner. There’s a sticker saying ‘’LOVE’’ in black and white too. ‘’that is beautiful’’ I say quietly as I stroke the guitar. ‘’do you play guitar?’’ he asks me. I grin. ‘’no, but I always wanted too. Just too lazy to follow the boring lessons. And I don’t think my parents would agree.’’ ‘’well, I can teach you’’ he says, smiling widely ‘’yea, I would love that, man’’ I say, smiling too. ‘’but I think I’m gonna head home now..’’ I tell him. ‘’will you be okay? I mean, your parents and… I don’t really know what’s going on with you and your family. Just give me your number and we can text okay.’’ He says. ‘’okay’’ I say and we exchange numbers. We walk to the living room where the other 3 boys are spread around the couch playing a game. ‘’boys, Ruby is going home now’’ Calum says. ‘’will you be okay?’’ Ashton asks. These boys are so caring. awww. ‘’yes’’ I laugh. ‘’okay, bye KangaRubyyyy’’ Luke says. ‘’kangaRuby?’’ I giggle. ‘’yea, you needed a nickname.’’ He shrugs ~ ‘’good luck, Ruby’’ Calum says as we stand in front of my door. ‘’thanks’’ I smile. ‘’for everything’’ ‘’anytime’’ he smiles. ‘’text me?’’ ‘’yea, I’ll text you.’’ I say and he wraps his strong arms around me. I just know this boy for a few hours, but he is so special. Maybe it’s just because he is the first friend who is a boy. ‘’bye Ruby.’’ He says, not looking very happy. He know hell is waiting for me inside. I never stayed away so long and not letting my family know where I was. ‘’bye Calum.’’ I smile and I grab my keys and open the door. I push the door open and walk in. ‘’oh, Ruby?’’ Calum says and I turn around. ‘’yea?’’ I ask. ‘’do I smell good too?’’ he asks smiling widely. I chuckle. ‘’yes Calumo Hoodie, you smell good.’’ And with that, I close the door. (A/N) Heyyy guys, Thankyou again if you read. It’s short I think? But maybe I’ll update later when I’m done with homework. Have you guys seen the keek of Calum and Ashton. I died when I saw ittttt. Okay that was weird. Byeeeeee butts -Emma
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