I Need You (Calum Hood)

Ruby has to move to another place with her horrible family. She doesn't know that a boy over there is going to change her life. a boy. a black haired boy


6. Liar

From – Calummm

How did it go?


To- Calummm

Not very well, they screamed, I cried and now I’m listening music in my room, still crying.


Okay I’m sooooo not gonna send him that. I delete the text




It was okay, they weren’t really mad.


I press the send button.

Why do I lieeeeee.

 Because he doesn’t even care and you don’t want to look weak. That’s why you lie. Fuck.


From- Luke

Calum know that you are lying :-).


I grin. Stupid boys. I wipe away a tear and text him back.



I’m not lyingggg. I never lie ;D


Wow, I’m lying again. Good job Ruby, good job.

 I grab my pencil, wanting to scratch myself again. ‘’don’t do it’’ my head says. I slap my head. Stupid brains. And I put the pencil in my skin.

 Ouch. It doesn’t hurt that much… okay it does.

 I’m just so angry at myself. I hate it to be weak, but it’s like I want to be weak. Okay that sounds weird. I really hate myself. I throw the pencil to the wall and collapse on my bed, crying silently.


I just lay there for 5 minutes as I hear my phone. I grab it and look at the caller’s ID.

it’s Calum. Fuck. He can’t hear me crying.

 I ignore the phone and throw it away on my bed, not wanting it to break.

 After a few seconds the phone stops ringing. Finally.

 I put on my music again as I hear the phone ringing again. Ugh.

‘’hello?’’ I say, trying to sound sleepy.

‘’hey Ruby’’ I hear Calum’s voice say.

‘’Calum I was sleeping…’’ I whine and try to sound as tired as possible.

‘’I know you weren’t, it’s just 10 pm’’ fuck.

‘’now tell me what happened’’ he says.

‘’I already told you that they weren’t that mad.’’ I say slowly.

‘’how come I don’t believe you?’’ he says and I know he is smiling.

‘’ugh, okay fine. They were really mad but it’s no problem. And I don’t want to talk about it, kay?’’ I say.

‘’fine, but the thing I really wanted to ask is if you want to hang out with us tomorrow as it’s Sunday?’’ he says

They don’t want to hang out with me, they’re just trying to be nice. You know boys don’t like you, and if they do then it’s over soon.

‘’I-I have plans’’ I say quietly

‘’oh’’ he says, sounding disappointed.

 It’s all just one big game, Ruby. He isn’t disappointed. He will make fun of you one day too.


Hey guys,

Just a quick little chapter for you’s.




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