Be Afraid

"Behind the glitter and the sparkles, there's only... Me. And somehow, that scares me even more."
Lena is everything you've ever wanted to be.
She's popular, she's pretty... She's perfect.
Only sometimes, perfect isn't good enough.


1. Prologue

I am pretty.

I am popular.

I am glitzy.

I am pink.

I am funny.

I am flirty.

I am the breath of fresh air in a musty room.

I am rich.

I am smart.

I am sparkly.

I am cool.

I am cute.

I am sporty.

I am the splash of colour on a dull teenage background.

I am good.

I am bad.

I am fashionable.

I am trendy.

I am elite.

I am perfect.

And then, underneath all that, behind the mask of glamour and sparkles... 

I am me.

Only somehow that scares me even more.

I am afraid.


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