Be Afraid

"Behind the glitter and the sparkles, there's only... Me. And somehow, that scares me even more."
Lena is everything you've ever wanted to be.
She's popular, she's pretty... She's perfect.
Only sometimes, perfect isn't good enough.


2. Chapter One

The hair falls to the ground in a graceful arc, and I wince, scrunching my face up. I don't want to do this. I don't want to carry on, I want to curl in a corner and cry and cry and cry. 
But that's not allowed. 
I have to stay strong.
The colour of the lock is blonde, shiny and new and bright. It's yellow, the colour of sunshine and summer, the colour of happy people and happy things. I'm not happy; I don't suit it any more than I suit the mascara caking my lashes or the lipstick smeared awkwardly across my mouth. 
Only now, I have to. 
Soft music is playing in the background, some pop song I don't know and haven't heard of. Up until now, I've never really had time for music, and when I do bother to switch the old CD player on, it's always my Dad's Beethoven. 
He's worried about me, I know he is, but he shouldn't have to any more. I rake my hand through my butchered hair, my nails newly buffed and polished. Staring in the mirror on the wall I see big dark eyes and styled blonde hair and I wish I could pull this mask off and go back to being me again. 
But no. 
This is me now. 
I have no choice in the matter, it has to be. 
I pull on my school uniform, hiking up my skirt to mid thigh and try for a smile. First one side of my mouth, then the other. 
Pearly white teeth flash. 
A real million dollar grin. 
I straighten my blouse. 
Roll on Eldertree High. 
It's show time. 

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