The Struggle

A girl whos going through the struggle


3. This bitch

So its been 6 weeks since  I talked to that backstabbing whore. She tried to talk to me yesterday but I igrored her cuz we dont love thesse whores! But I did talk to my crush and asked him did he go out with her. He said "OH HELL NO I DONT LIKE THAT UGLY BITCH" So I said oh well do you wanna hang out some times ( i did that white girl move) and he said yes!!!! So my so called bestfriend comes up to me and says I know you were watching us kiss>.<. So i said yea I saw your a backstabbing bitch and we cant be friends anymore. So she says "FINE IF YOU WANNA BE LIKE THAT THATS WHY ME AND HIM GO OUT. I WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU BUT YOU WANTED TO BE ALL BITCHY AND SINCE I KNEW YOU LIKED HIM I WAS GONNA BREAK UP WITH HIM BUT NOW HES ALL MINE YOU BITCH!' I was so shocked :o but if she wants to be like that its cool shell just see me at the movies with him later on :] !!! HAHA stupid bitch!

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