The Struggle

A girl whos going through the struggle


1. There he is

So there goes my crush! ;) But hes talking to other girls thats cool..... Anyway idk why I like him beacuse hes a man whore. Basiclly what im trying to say is that he goes out with a girl for a week then dumps them and then moves on to the next girl like tf but its whatever hes still my crush. Even though he never pays attention to me :( and evrey time i talk to him I shiver and shake. So he thinks im weird :p but hes weird too so he has no ROOM AT ALL to talk about someone being weird. But I dont understand why evrey time I bring him up to conversation evreybody ALWAYS has somthing to say!!! EX: eww why do you like him, hes ugly, he has a big head, I dont like him! Like stfu nooooo body asked you for your opioion !! I can like anybody I chosse to beacuse I have the Bill Of Rights-Amendment 1\ Freedom Dickhead!!! But its whatever im me and I always will be so dont hate bitches :]

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