The Struggle

A girl whos going through the struggle


2. Just Greattt

IM SO PISSED!!!!!!! /.\ So here I am walking down the danm hallway bymyself and the OTHER girl who likes my crush knock down all my books! So my crush taps me on the back and asks me do I need help with my books, so I say yes so he picks up my books and he holds them for me and we walk to math :] I kinda stalked him its kinda fun watching him figure out them danm fractions lol. Anyway there two hallway passes in my class a girls one with hearts and flowers and a boys one with footballs superheros on it. So he raises his hand to go to the bathroom and then takes the pass.So I thought that if I went to the bathroom at the same time as him we can have time to talk OUT of class with nobody around us. Well yea I thought wrong... I walk out the classroom and I see him kissing :* my bestfriend!!!!! :[ . And she knows I like him so why tf you kissing him >:( . So I ran back to the classroom crying and he comes back in with lipgloss stains all over him!!!!! So im not talking to her until she tells me why she was kissin him.

So great now 2 more girls like my crush!!!! :[ just great.

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