The Struggle

A girl whos going through the struggle


5. Alleys

So were still in the car and he puts me back on his lap but his hand is under my butt. So the car stops and all his friends get out the car then they close the door and we drive off.. Now theres only me him and the driver. The driver stops the car and we get out. So I said wait were are we? And he says dont worry about that and pulled me into an alley and then we start kissing. (YES THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR) but I didnt realize we were in the alley way NEXT to my ex-bestfriends house! (and they go out) so she comes outside and sees us making out.... So she stops us from kissing and punches me in the face so now were fighting so I take out my heels and fuck her up with them. And then we got back in the car and drove off. HAHA stupid bitch...

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