Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle

Book 1: Dani's best friends are coming to the castle, Kathlin doesn't fit in with the girls Ruby and Dani, when she is about to leave, Dani comes running back to Kathlin because Ruby and Gabe have just got together. Meanwhile Leo, Jack, Jimmy and Esme all think someone is there, or something. The begin to realize that they need everyone to defeat.... SLENDER!
Book 2: Get ready as Dani and her friends take the challenge. With everyone leaving, a mysterious light appears. Dani must save everyone from the mysterious light. Who will she save or who will be trapped forever?


15. Who Will She Save?

Scene 5

Dani, Jimmy and Leo hid themselves in a different room.

Jimmy: I’m sure she won’t find us here.

Dani: I’ve got to get her out of here.

Leo: But why, she tried to kill us and the castle.

Dani: She’s right, I’m her best friend.

Jimmy: I thought your best friend was Kaitlin.

Dani: She is too, but Ruby I have known for longer. I have to save her.

Leo: What about us?

Dani: I’ll have to give one of you up, I’ll come back for you after I drop them too off.

Ruby comes in the secret room. The three of them scream.

Ruby: Shush! You’ll wake it. You’ll never believe this. (The three of them are scared stiff.) There is a duplicate of me, which is Slender. Slender has transformed into me. I don’t know how. We need to be careful.

Dani: Why?

Ruby: When Slender wakes up, he is moving to search for other people to be a part of his slavery. We need to go before he wakes up. We are going to die!

Leo: What, I’m only 10. I can’t die.

Ruby: You’re the only one who is getting dragged in; you have to save us, Dani! We need you!

Dani: Well I’m taking you, how could I have been angry at you. You are my best friend. (They both hug.)

Jimmy: Aw! Now can we please get back to the real world?

Ruby: We will have to escape. As long as no one has their phones, everything is fine. They can’t track us down.

Jimmy, Leo and Dani all look at each other. They all look guilty and scared.

Ruby: You don’t have your phones do you. (Ruby screams.)

Dani: Shush!

Ruby: I can’t die, what about my sister, I can’t! Please Dani, help us!

Leo: Dani we need you!

Jimmy: Please Dani!

All except Dani: Please, please, please!

Dani: (She shouts.) Okay, I’ll try to help you!

They all hear the noise of the wind. They look around the room and then each other.

Dani: What have I done?

Slender: (Slender hasn’t come in to room, it sounds like an evil version of Ruby but it is Slender.) I’m going! I’m going! I’m going. (The gang are scared and look to the ceiling.

Dani: What do you want from us?

Slender: I have Esme! I want Gabe!

Leo: He is gone, I swear he is gone!

Slender: Give me now!

Jimmy: He left because-

Ruby: He loved me and Dani and couldn’t pick between us!

Slender: Well isn’t that nice! One of you is going to take his place! Esme is gone, now Gabe! I’ll give you the rest of your people! (Max, Rich, Maisy, Megaboyd and Ben all come from the ceiling.)

Dani: Everyone! (She goes to them and hugs them all.)

Slender: You have ten minutes! Now!

All except Dani: (Everyone talks at once and shouts.) Please Dani, help us! Please Dani! Please! Please!

Slender: Quietly!

All except Dani: (They all whisper.) Please, please, help us!


Scene 6

Kaitlin is the library.

Kaitlin: (She talks to herself.) Dani will do it. She will save Leo. She will do anything. She is my best friend and I’m hers. She will save all of us and be victorious. She is the best person ever. She will never let me down. I might not be her ideal best friend; I’m never going to be like Sam or even the witch Ruby. But I can’t change who I am. I am who I am. I like horses jumping, sports, and if you don’t like the way I am, then stuff you! But Dani actually cared about me. She still accepted me. (She looks at herself in the mirror.) I hope she still is happy with me, for all I have done for her and what she has done for me! She is a good friend. Why am I talking to myself anyway? (She walks out of the room.)

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