Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle

Book 1: Dani's best friends are coming to the castle, Kathlin doesn't fit in with the girls Ruby and Dani, when she is about to leave, Dani comes running back to Kathlin because Ruby and Gabe have just got together. Meanwhile Leo, Jack, Jimmy and Esme all think someone is there, or something. The begin to realize that they need everyone to defeat.... SLENDER!
Book 2: Get ready as Dani and her friends take the challenge. With everyone leaving, a mysterious light appears. Dani must save everyone from the mysterious light. Who will she save or who will be trapped forever?


10. One By One

Scene 5

Kaitlin is un-packing and Dani is folding the clothes and putting them away.

Kaitlin: He is just so hot and really kind, and he actually took me out for dinner and then we had cakes, and we both like the same thing.

Dani: Wow, you really do like him?

Kaitlin: Well he is like no one I have ever met before. Anyways, Dani can I tell you something that has been bugging me all day.

Dani: As long as it’s not about Rich, what’s up? (They both sit down.)

Kaitlin: Well you know how we were trying to find Slender and get him.

Dani: Wait, who’s Slender?

Kaitlin: Remember, do you remember anything about the fire?

Dani: Not really, all I remember is about Gabe leaving.

Kaitlin: Then you might not understand.

Dani: You can ask Jimmy, but now I am worried. How can you remember all of this and I can’t. What is going on?

Kaitlin: I was going to tell you something else as well.

Dani: Go one.

Kaitlin: You probably don’t know this but, isn’t your brother not alive.

Dani: What do you mean?

Kaitlin: Well you’re other best friend said that he found Max dead. Which brings me to another point, shouldn’t you try and find Ruby. I know you aren’t her friend, but couldn’t she do harm to the castle.

Dani: I can’t believe this; I can’t remember any of it. Max is dead. I know Ruby started the fire. We need to call everyone. (She shouts.) House meeting.


Scene 6

Everyone is in kitchen.

Dani: I can’t remember anything.

Esme: What?

Dani: I can’t remember anything, what happened that night, what were we doing. Who is Slender?

Jimmy: This is serious, you don’t remember Slender.

Esme: I know what the problem is. When a ghost leaves, the person that touches his ashes don’t remember anything about that day, only a few moments.

Kaitlin: Okay know we know your problem, listen to mine. We have to do a check around the castle, everywhere. We need to check for Slender and Dani’s brother.

Leo: Let’s check for the rooms in the castle first and then the outer areas.

Dani: Okay, let’s go people.

Leo: Wait Dani, (Everyone leaves except Dani, Esme and Leo.) Could I have the bedroom next to mine?

Dani: Yeah sure.

Esme: Wait, you can’t have that one.

Dani: Why?

Esme: That is Gabe’s room. You’ll have to go and find another room.

Leo: Why can’t you find another room for Gabe? Anyways he isn’t even here.

Esme: Yes he is and he would love a room in the castle.

Leo: He was a stupid brother.

Esme: Take that back.

Leo: Make me!

Dani: All right, that’s enough. Stop being rude to each other.

Leo: I would have never left my sister, but Gabe was a stupid person anyway. Who says they like someone and then go for their best friend?

Esme: Hate you! (She disappears.)

Dani: Look what you have done! (She leaves.)


Scene 7

Esme goes to her room, and gets her laptop. Dani runs in.

Dani: Esme, forget what Leo said. I still love your brother. He will never be forgotten. I promise.

Esme: That’s why you will let me go.

Dani: Go where, where are you going?

Esme: I want to be free, with my brother.

Dani: You’re going to do the same thing Gabe did. You can’t go, we will all be lost without you and your Leo’s best friend, whether he said that or not. Plus I don’t want to lose my memory again.

Esme: Just don’t touch my ashes.

Dani: Well who’s going to clear it then? Don’t go.

Esme: Bye Dani and I’ll suggest you don’t follow me. (She disappears.)

Dani: No wait. Great, I just got this new castle and 2 other people have left. (She walks out the room and enters Leo’s room.)

Leo: Oh, don’t look at me.

Dani: Why?

Leo: You probably hate me, since I did say all those horrible things about Gabe in front of Esme.

Dani: Don’t feel bad. I can see how upset you are, so I won’t shout at you. You did say some mean things though. Anyways Esme is gone. She left. She left to be with her brother.

Leo: What? What have I done? (He runs out the room.)

Dani: Great work Dani, great work!


Scene 8

Dani, Jimmy and Kaitlin go back to the kitchen.

Dani: So have you found anything in the house.

Kaitlin: No, you?

Dani: No. Well I have been really busy.

Jimmy: Wait where are Leo and Esme?

Dani: I have no idea where Leo is, and Esme is gone. She left to go be with her brother.

Kaitlin: So wait she is gone, like gone forever.

Dani: Yep.

Jimmy: I guess it leaves with us 4.

Kaitlin: I have to find Leo.

Dani: I have already told him. He wasn’t happy, because he did say something really mean about Gabe.

Kaitlin: Oh, no! He’s run away.

Dani: What makes you say that?

Kaitlin: It’s obvious. He is always like this. What am I going to do?

Jimmy: Call your mum and dad and we three will sit here to see if he comes back.

Kaitlin: Okay, I’ll be back, two ticks. (She leaves.)

Dani: This is a disaster. It’s only us three left. We can’t have any adventures with us three.

Jimmy: This is going to be hard; maybe we can just sit and relax. Watch T.V, we haven’t done that in a while.

Dani: And why is that?

Jimmy: Because of all the amazing adventures.

Dani: It hasn’t been the first day and all of us are leaving.

Kaitlin: (She enters.) Don’t worry. Leo has gone to the boarding school my mum and dad really wanted him to go to. So everything’s fine.

All: (There is a long pause.) I’m bored.

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